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Silver Bank Sumana day trip see whales?


hey, we are going to Barcelo Bavaro Beach (adults only) resort in August. We are so excited, got us an oceanfront room, ganna LOVE it! First time to the DR. Someone told us “once to the DR, you’ll never go back to the beaches in Mexico”… we’re very excited. I am wanting to take a day trip by bus first to Sumana from our resort, then book a “tourista boat” to “Silver Bank” hopefully to atleast catch a “glimpse” of the humpbacks? Is this just a dream, or is it possible? The problem I am finding in researching on the Internet is a $price? Also another “must do” is a real awesome place to snorkel? Our Dive Master from Cozumel said go to again “Silver Bank” on a day trip??? Please help me figure this out, thanks :wink:


Also, any other ideas would help a lot so we know how much money to bring? I think someone also said there is a place that you can swim with Mantarays? (like the Dolphin swims, I’ve done that wonderfulness, but would like to swim with some “de-barbed MantaRays”


You are not going to make it to that destination, it is too far from your resort, and would take almost an entire day to get there.


It’s only about 78 miles as the crow flies. Unfortunately, the roads don’t go that way. That 78 miles stretches out to about 250 miles and the driving time is about four and a quarter hours each way. Most of the way the roads are pretty bad. Just for a lark, check out Google Maps and get the directions from Bavaro to Samana.
You might inquire about a package that flew you from Punta Cana to Samana instead of by road. Some exist, but they are pretty expensive, say about $300 per person. I got a few hits by Googling the phrase “punta cana samana whale”.

edit: As far as I know, the whale watching season is January to March. Maybe next trip (next year) book a hotel in Samana during that time period.


Ok… I’m bummed now… It sure didn’t look that far or difficult on the map :’( but I assumed the Aug. date would not be good either, but was just a “hope”… So now that that “venture” went down the tubes… what else can we do? I read about a place you pay to go see the manta-rays and dolphins? Or swim with them? I did that in Cozumel and it was amazing even for an adult!! It was a bucket list thing ya know?? :wink:

Also, is there a tour we can do to see some awesome waterfalls, jungle?


You can do the 27 waterfall tour…but during any rainfall it is dangerous. If it is dry, then as long as you are an adult, watch the people doing it as this is a contentious issue. I have done it, loved it, but it is not for everyone. You climb with guides 7 waterfalls, then slide back down, wearing a life vest, shoes and a helmut for your protection. The guides have no safety training, that’s why don’t go during any rain as the waters can be dangerous. If you any questions PM me.