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Sinenis la salina

Wondering what area of the resort signature has rooms in? Any suggestion what rooms to request?

With the size of the resort and kids with us, I’m quite sure we prefer to be closer to the main area including buffet, pool, kids club and have a longer walk to the beach then vice versa.

Looking at the resort map, (thank you debbies) I see there are basically two ‘loops’ of hotel rooms with a pool in the middle of each, going vertically away from the beach. Which pool has the slide and are the activities at the same pool? Also, where is the kids club located, as I don’t see it labled.


I can’t help with the area that Signature gets, but the rest I can answer.

The pool with the slide is closest to the beach. The kids club is right beside this pool. The main buffet is at the far end away from the beach. So, if you get close to the kids club and activity pool, you’ll be hiking it to the buffet. If you are close to the buffet, you’ll be hiking to the beach, activity pool, and kids club.

Ok, lets hope I get a room in the middle then. From the map blook 40 or 29 looks ideal then. We can hope the Hotel is able to do that.


That’s probably your best bet. Depending on the time of year, they may be able to place you there even if it’s not the Signature block.

While we were there they were over capacity and not very flexible with room allotment. The rooms are assigned before you arrive (at least they were with Sunwing)

Ok thanks grande.

I’m still waiting to hear from the rest of the people that are suppose to travel with us to see if they’ve decided. If we do go with this one, I’ll email the resort ahead of time and request a room.

What area of the resort does Sunwing have for rooms? I will be going with my 3 friends for March Break! ;D

the sunwing rooms are in the blocks to the right of the lobby (when facing the beach). So, they’re very far from the beach, but very close to the buffet