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Single travel?


I’m new to this and newly single. Thinking of a much needed r&r in the DR. Any comments or suggestions on where to go as a new single woman?


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I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions from our readers. IMHO, you’ll be better off with a 3 or 4 star property because they tend to be a bit more friendly and easy going. Hence you’ll find it easier to meet people to hang with, have a few drinks and have some dinner companions.


momtwo5. I have been wondering this for the last two years, as I can’t find anyone who can either afford to go, the desire to go or the time to go! Used to go with hubby, and then with my daughter two years ago. I’ll be reading this thread for sure.


Bad combination. :frowning:
I guess if you really want to go, you might have to bite the bullet and pay the single supplement. Whatever, there’s lots of places that can handle single travelers. They don’t cater to them, but except for the fact that the pricing is based on two sharing a room, there shouldn’t be any problems. I know that due to a combination of conditions, my son ended up traveling alone a few years ago. He met tons of people and came home with a long list of email addresses.
It’s relatively easy to meet people, especially if you take part in the ‘organized’ activities (darts, bocce ball, merengue lessons, Spanish lessons, mini golf, the pool games…). Taking a tour also helps. You can meet people while on the tour and since you now have something in common, it gives you a reason to strike up a conversation after you have returned. Even “hi’ I’m from xxxxxx. How are you today?” works. If not, try it on someone else. ::slight_smile:


I travel alone all the time. It’s easy to meet people at the resorts. As others have said, join in the games and activities etc or strike up a conversation with people at the bar or at the pool/beach. I don’t know if they do this at other resorts but at Sunscape Casa del Mar they have beach parties where they set up the tables (of 10?) with Canadian/American/French/Italian etc flags so you can join a table and meet people that way.

It’s a lot of fun to travel alone and I would not hesitate to encourage more single people to travel and have fun.


I travel alone more often than not, I always stay in the Victoria Resort in Playa Dorada, nr Puerto Plata, North Coast. Lots of hotels in one complex, so plenty of room to walk around with oodles of tourists. I am never alone for long and have kept in touch with many of the friends I have made over the years, including some I ‘speak to’ on this site. I now am a lot braver and go out and about as well but on my first trip alone I thought at least with all inclusive I wouldn’t need to walk around an unknown place trying to find somewhere to eat and then get back ‘home’ safe. I have no doubt lots of hotels are equally nice but this is always my choice.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


I read your comments and felt a little more confident. Thanks.


Thanks to all for the suggestions, now I need to find a good book and plan my stay on the beach. First week of July, I think.


:slight_smile: I am heading out to Golden village, with my 12 yr old son. Great place for kids… and newly renovated. prices are amazing right now I head out On june 15th. 1 adult and 1 kid is same price as 2 adults. not really losing much.