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Sirenas la selina

ok guys quickly…the skinny on this resort. It’s either here or Holguin…been there done that. Never been to Varadero. We are beach bums, eat just about anything and like a clean bed. Pretty much just lookin for some sun! Is there snorkeling near by? Not much for excursions. Just wanna lay on the beach. What do you think? Cheers…Raine

Your mileage may vary, but I’d try Sirenas La Salina before I would return to Holguin. SLS is not on the “old” part of Varadero beach, it’s out by the end of the peninsula (if that matters to you) so more out of the way than many of the resorts. Not sure about the snorkeling around that part of the beach…there isn’t much by the “old” part.

I’d go back to Guardalavaca in a heartbeat before going anywhere in Varadero… but that’s my opinion.
Snorkeling off SLS is not too bad. Better than it is up by Melia los Antillas, the only other resort I’ve got to go by.
That said, the beach is nice, the rooms large and comfortable, the food is as good as anywhere else and the staff very amicable.
Keeping in mind this resort is huge.

I’m with “ontgunner”, I would take Guardalavaca any day. However, we stayed at the SLS in January, 2009, and like it very much. The beach seems to go on forever to the right (east) and is nice to walk on. We did not check out the snorkeling as we understood it was not very good. The food was good (for Cuba), the room was clean, and the staff for the most part friendly. AND as I have reported to excess, the group, Sexteto Primavera, who play in the Cuban ala carte and at night, made the resort for us.

Not sure about the snorkeling but we did it on the catamaran (Cayo Blanco is where they took us)I loved the snorkling out in the ocean!.. Beach was nice,staff nice, rooms nice, food was good…It was nice all around… There is construction next door but honestly we were housed beside it and we weren’t bothered by it… You can’t hear it during the day unless you are housed there and go back to your room for something… They stop around supper each night…
If we were to go back to varadero this would be my choice to go back to!
Hope this helps!

Thanks for your prompt replies gang, I’m gonna wait another week or so and see what happens. The price I was given for these was not fabulous, although not bad, and I’ll wait and see what March prices bring. Not leaving until April 17th or so, might pick something else later. Again, thanks for your help. This forum is a great source for travel info! Cheers…Raine :-*

Sorry, I realize you are just asking about the SLS, which have been to and rather liked it, however, I notice that you are keying in on the “lay around on the beach” aspect.

That said, we just returned from the most stunning beach I have seen in our 7 trips to Cuba…in Santa Maria, about 1.5 hours outside Santa Clara. Trust me, this beach alone is well worth the plane/bus ride. Wife and I spent HUGE amounts of time on the beach and absolutely loved it.

12 km of pure white sand with beautiful, turquoise waters. It was a bit windy while we there but I would think it would be a lot calmer in April. Perhaps you can find a deal and consider this hidden gem as an option. :wink: More importantly, it does not have the congestion that more popular places like Varadero have…not yet anyway!! :sunglasses:

Hey CapeBretonGirl -

Heading to SLS next Friday. Will let you know how it goes, but overall looks very promising. This is our first trip to Cuba and the reviews for SLS were the best we’ve seen. Everyone on the forums has been pretty positive too.

Cheers! :sunglasses: