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Sirenis Cocotal Review

My review has been posted. Forgot to mention that internet was very fast and cost 7 USD for 30 min and 12 USD for 1 hour. The free wifi in the lobby is for surfing the net. You can access your hotmail, yahoo and or AOL on the wifi (they will issue a password) for a fee 0f 7 USD per day or 50 USD for a week. :slight_smile:

Welcome back and thanks for your review!! When you say kids, were they mostly young or were there teenagers?? Looking forward to it!! Cathy

Mostly between the ages of 5 and 10 with the odd smattering of babies. Teens were no problem. We arrived with 60 grad nurses on their party trip and never heard a peep and had great conversations with them throughout the stay. Dean of Nursing at Dal take note.

So I guess my kids will be a little old. Wonder if it was a different spring break time…or just the way it goes… I guess we will live with it…Cathy