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Sirenis suites

I’ve booked to stay here at Easter with my hubby and 2 kids.
One of the pluses for us was the price and the great selection of A la Cartes.
After reading TA it appears that the A la Cartes are now limited to just 2 per week?
It never mentioned this in the brochure, is this a new rule? Can I pay for more??
We are here for 14 nights and I don’t really fancy buffet for 10 of those.

Hi there, We are booked for 7 nights leaving March 13. I will write a review when we get back. (Nolitours) says that we can book 2, but can book more if available… We usuall only book 2 a la cartes because we like eating when we want, and not booking for too late in the evening. Also, if you eat at beach bar or creperie for lunch, plus maybe pack snacks for breakfast or do room service hopefully there will be enough variety in the buffets that you don’t get bored! Looking forward to it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the reply.
Hope you have a great time!!
We got such a good deal (at least a £1000 cheaper than all the other hotels) that I’m happy to pay for the a la Cartes, could you see how much the Gourmet restaurant is?

I think that the gourmet was a $25 surcharge (did not eat there myself) - in the lobby is a copy of all the ala carte menues, so you can check out what they have to offer in advance. The number of ala cartes per week is based on your tour operator’s contract

Oh I didn’t realize that.
My Tour Op does not state a limit, just that it’s subject to availability…so I may take the brochure along with me then I can argue it out with the rep (although I may try the Gourmet as well)

The gourmet restaurant used to be $25, but I’m pretty sure it’s now $30. Having been to Sirenis many times, IMHO, the buffet is far superior to any of the a-la-carte restaurants. Not only that, you get to choose exactly what you want and how much of it.

I went to Breezes PC and their buffet left a bit to be desired and I am not a fussy person.
I always find with the buffet that someone is always missing from the table! Usually my eldest son!!
I have heard good reports about the Sirenis buffet though.
On another note does anyone know what is in the games room (our boys 15 and 11 like pool etc)?
Thanks for all your help

Personally, the only good thing about the specialty restaurants is that you get table service (with the exception of the salad bar). BTW, your eldest son is 15 and is likely a bottomless pit when it comes to food. If you do the a-la-carte restaurants, might I suggest the early sitting so he can visit the buffet to top up after he has finished dinner. ::slight_smile:

good point

Spoken from experience.
Been there, done that, but didn’t get the t-shirt. ::slight_smile:

Buffets there (one in Cocotal, the other accross the lobby in Tropical, identical) are very good, lots of chioces (roast port, turkey at the carvery). To book the ala cartes you had to line up at a table near reception (9-11 am , I think). You could book for that night and/or the next night.