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Sirenis Tropical Suites internet

Does anyone know how much it costs, for how long, what currency and is it safe for 2 teenagers to use it alone? Thanks for your help… :o

There’s only about 3 internet booths and they’re just off the lobby so it’s safe. Last time we stayed at the hotel, there was also internet at the sports bar, but it was out of operation. Now, who knows?
Both are inside the hotel gates, so again there shouldn’t be any safety issue. I seem to recall it was pretty expensive and it was pretty intimidating watching those big red countdown numbers at the bottom right of the screen. ::slight_smile:
It’s been two years, so I won’t comment on the price. Hopefully someone who’s been there recently can fill in the blanks.

I dont know what the cost to use the hotels computers is, but if you have a laptop its free. You get a code from the front desk and only have access in the lobby, lots of people were on the computer every night while we were there.

That’s likely new then. I don’t believe that was in place two years ago.

I’m glad they added flexibility of using your laptop for free use…as Bob mentioned, when we were there a couple of years back…the price to go online was expensive…easy decision to go back to the beach and forget about the ‘outside’ world :).

Would persons staying at the Cocotal next door have this privilage seeing as they have access to the Tropical side?

Y E S ! ! ! (Caps intended)

Thanks BFC, looking forward to that. Now I just have to find room for my lap-top.

I would think so. Actually, I don’t understand why they have the two lobby areas, separated by mere feet …