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Sky service

we are booked with go travel driect flying out of halifax and they are flying with skyservice any tips or reviews thanks…

We met some people traveling GoTravelDirect / Skyservice and they said there was no included meal service on the plane. Not only that, the supply of items to purchase was limited, so plan accordingly.

we flew with them 2 years ago out of Halifax…at that time they included a meal…

their planes usually are pretty tight…would recomend pre-booking your seats for a good choice and to insure your sitting with your partner…

we didn’t have any overall complaints…besides the weather/delays but nothing to do with skyserivce…

Maybe you misunderstood what I wrote. Skyservice flights for Signature and Sunquest packages serve the meals. It’s the GoTravelDirect/Skyservice ones that apparently don’t, at least according to what these people told me.

I checked with Signature and a meal is included on Squishservice each way, but likely would be some kind of a wrap thingy.

We leave for PUJ tomorrow, so I’ll know better when we get back.

Just found this at Go Travel Direct under “Flight Info”

Airbus A-320
3 x 3 seat configuration
Pre–Seat Selection available for extra charge
Extra Leg Room Seat available for extra charge
Meal and light snack available at extra charge onboard
In-Flight Entertainment
20 kg baggage allowance
2 bags per person maximum
Duty Free


Can some help me out.

I’m leaving on Feb 13 to Dreams La Romana via Skyservice. We go from Ottawa ON to Punta Cana Airport with a transfer from there to the resort.

Has anyone done this transfer recently (Punta Cana/La Romana) - how was it handled by Skyservice?

Papa Joe

We flew Skyservice with Signature out of Kitchener. Each way we got a crappy sandwich and granola bar each way. I ate it on the way there because I was starving (left at 6:45p…and thought I would get a meal on the plane and didn’t check ahead of time). It was a hot wrap in a bun of roast beef and cheese…DRY…no dressing, no mustard, nothing! Dry!!

On return, same…this time ham/cheese…DRY! Unbelievable…how hard it is to put mustard/mayo/something, anything!

We’re flying out of Kitchener tomorrow afternoon on Skyservice; this will be our second time with this carrier.
Yea the meal/snack on our first encounter wasn’t anything I wanted to remember; thanks nerak68. LOL
After the first bite, I had to take a second look down at my tray; thought I may have picked up the box instead of the wrap.
They (skyservice) must order them like that on purpose; I had to flag down the steward, to order another beer; in an attempt to wash it down.
Yup, on purpose for sure; you have to pay for the beer.
Sorry, just another one of my conspiracy theories. LOL


None of the Airlines have anything good but I didn’t mind Air Transat, and was assuming I was flying them in April as I booked with AT Holidays, but oh goody, we’re actually on a SkyService plane.

I always take a peanut butter sandwich with me. And I take sandwich baggies and make a cheese bun at the resort the meal before I leave, that way I’ve got something decent to eat.

If you plan on eating the peanut butter sandwich on the plane please re-think this and take something else. I know a few people how have really bad peanut allergies and are afraid to fly for this reason, one of them just has to smell the peanut butter and has a life threatening reaction to it…

Oh please, I do not participate in these forums to be condemned for eating peanut butter, I was merely offering my opinion on airline food. I am quite aware that people have allergies, I deal with it all the time. What about all those people who douse themselves in perfume and get on a plane. I travel with someone who is allergic to perfume and it brings on an asthma attack and what can she do about it? NOTHING, not if she wants to travel. So if you have people STOP wearing purfume & cologne on planes (especially flight attendants) I’ll consider leaving the peanut butter at home.

No-one is condeming you. What Hula stated is absolutely true.

I too am severely alergic to heavy fragnances (could go into anaphylactic shock). The scent takes a while however, the minute I feel my face go numb, I ask the person concerned if they would mind washing it off, normally they are very apologetic and do this immediately.

HOWEVER a severe peanut allergy can and has been lethal, almost instantly. Over the last 2 years (2007 on the way to PC and 2008 on the way back) the flight director made an announcement advising passengers to eat nothing on the aircraft that contained any peanut products at all because of a fatal reaction to such products of one of the passengers on board (one was a 6 year old) and if an emergency occurred would result in an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

You are by no means being condemned, all Hula said was “If you plan on eating the peanut butter sandwich on the plane please re-think this and take something else.”.

Condemnation is not there, advice and consideration of others in a confined space is.

Wow, sorry if I offened you as it was not my intent. I have friend who has allergies to Peanuts and if you ever saw her during one of these attacks you would not think I was condemning you for eating a peanut butter sandwich. A few years ago we were in a meeting and she was sitting at the other side of the room and got a smell of a girl putting peanut butter on her toast. They had to call 911 as she could not breath and lost consciousness this all happened with in a minute of the odor. I was thinking this could be a matter of life and death for some people and if you are on an airplane you can imagine what could happen. I can’t count the number of flights I have been on that they have ask people to refrain from peanut products. I am like you and wish they would do the same for perfume…so again I am sorry that you felt that I condemmed you for your sandwich.

As a Medical Officer, allergies (peanut or otherwise) can be deadly within minutes depending on the severity. Hula is not offending you, just being realistic. I love peanut butter myself, but would never eat it in public for fear of having someone with severe allergies to it coming anywhere near me.

Re Skyservice: a pre order for duty free is available which I took advantage of today. Made things very simple and I can be sure of getting what I want.

I don’t know how much I would travel if that was me…I mean, at the resorts how much do the cater to that type of thing? I can only imagine the buffets…nuts at the bars etc…

Hey TQ, that’s a good idea I never thought of. Have a baggie with you a bring a sandwich with you to the airport on your return! Never mind the crappy food on the airplane but how about paying those prices at the food courts at the PUJ airport!

I’ve flown Air Transat in the passed always, never minded the food…and I give in a little because it airline food…but skyservice was just crappy and dry!

Maybe they can’t apply mayo or mustard in case there’s oil in them that may contain “nuts”…who knows??

Monctonguy, at BlueBay there are signs indicating that foods might contain nuts or legumes. People are encouraged to speak to management if they have food allergies. I’m sure other resorts have the same policy. On my recent visit to BlueBay I saw one person getting specially prepared meals straight from the kitchen; I assumed it was because of allergies.