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Skyservice experiences

Just wondering what peoples experience has been flying Skyservice? This year when we went to Varadero; we flew Sunwing and it was just fine. The trip we’re planning for Feb /09 is flying Skyservice…so just curious.


Not bad…got us there and back. Both flights were on time, even in the snow. Food wasnt the greatest but whats new?The seats were about the same as most planes…

Flew once with them and had no problems.

Have flown with them a number of times. They are just OK. But for 3.5 hours to Cuba, it is fine. Just keep thinking of the reward at the end of the journey. Flew Sunwing and liked them a little better, better food and I much prefer terminal 1 in Toronto

Flown with them just once, out of Halifax. Very good experience. I’m over 6’ and had lots of room… hint: request a seat at the back of the plane if it’s the old 757, the seats in the back have more leg room. There was a movie and a few sitcoms to watch. Food wasn’t great, but did the trick. They served beer, wine AND spirits. Both coming and going the flights were delayed several hours, which I understand is quite common with this carrier.

Flew a few times with no problems. Got us to where we were going … uneventful to say the least.

Have flown with them 3 times. Not a lot of leg room,food sucks but got us to our destination without any problems.Flew to Huatulco Mexico on Skyservice and 6 hours on one of their flights is not something I would suggest to anyone but to the Caribbean 3 1/2 to 4 hours is bearable

We have flown with Skyservice many times- to the Caribbean, Central America & Mexico. From Vancouver, the flights are about 6+ hours! No complaints.

Except for one occasion, all flights were on time both coming and going. The one time the flight departed late was because a couple of passengers who had checked in their luggage, never showed up at the departure gate for boarding. The baggage handlers had to find and remove their suitcases from the cargo hold as is required by law. It’s a safety issue! Definitely not the fault of Skyservice!!

Food used to be decent, but it’s now usually a boxed, cold meal. No problem as we take our own healthy snacks to eat en route. On board entertainment doesn’t interest us either, so it’s neither here nor there for us.

My hubbie is very tall with long legs. When we know we’re flying on a Boeing 757, we try to pre-book/get seats at the back where the seat configuration is two seats together for the return flight. A bit more leg room! For the outgoing flight, we make sure to get to the airport four hours in advance to snag emergency exit row seating. These seats offer more legroom, but I strongly caution that the seats are narrow because they have solid sides. Not a good choice for “larger” passengers or those with wide hips!!

We haven’t had any noteworthy problems with Skyservice (or Air Transat). We arrive safely, our luggage arrives with us and in tact, nothing has ever been stolen from our suitcases and we’ve never starved en route.

Only reason we’ve opted to go with Sunwing to Varadero this time was the price and the more favourable flight times.

flew once…
didn’t crash

Flew once and never again. They’d flown the plane we were on too many times that day, got in late to Punta Cana. As a result, we couldn’t land in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto due to noise restrictions so ended up on the floor at Hamilton with absolutely no representation from Skyservice.

Just flew back from Cayo Santa Maria with Air Transat in economy and they’re not lying when they say there’s more leg room now. It was pleasantly comfortable.

Flew Skyservice to Varadero in October from and to Toronto. It’s a Canadian charter plane, it’s OK, it got us there. Had a small malfunction and had to go back to Toronto after we were about an hour out, they had it fixed within an hour, and then the pilot got the OK to ‘put the pedal to the metal’ and we arrived in Varadero about an hour later than we were scheduled, but they probably burned twice as much jet fuel to get us there.

flown with them twice, food is disgusting! If you want to eat on the plane bring your own food or stay hungry, trust me. Otherwise it was fine. I’m a small person so the lack of legroom and space was not bothersome- I always get an aisle seat. got there safely with my luggage. Delayed an hour once to fix something, no big deal.

looked into Skyservice “Club CLass” today, $120 per seat return. Bigger seat, 30 kg bags instead of 20, priority check in, bar service!! anmd seat selection. Sounds like the way to go to me :slight_smile:

I was surprised to see this thread made it back to the first page…all because of Halifax!
Thanks everyone for the info; I’ve booked it end of February, so I’ll see for myself I guess. I prebook seats for 3 of us at back of plane, so hopefully it won’t be too bad!


[quote=@torti]I was surprised to see this thread made it back to the first page…all because of Halifax!
Thanks everyone for the info; I’ve booked it end of February, so I’ll see for myself I guess. I prebook seats for 3 of us at back of plane, so hopefully it won’t be too bad!


FYI, the back rows of the 757 have more room, not sure about the others in the fleet. Good luck, good trip, good weather and good times.

Based on most of the comments; I took that and went with it. With not knowing the type of aircraft, I took my chances on row 33…We shall SEE! Thanks to all for the input!

I have to say that skyservice is getting worse every year, we have flown with them 3-4 times and it seems they are getting awful. Last year we flew to Mexico in feb. and the audio equipment never worked, no music and no movie. We had one of the flight crew standing chatting with a off duty attendent most of flight so needless to say she didn`t do much else, never ate what they gave us, not sure i could have any way. But like other people said on previous reviews, it is the end result that matters, so for 3-4 hours we can put up with it i guess.

Flew with them from Ottawa just to cramp for me Westjet all the way trying Sunwing in February

flying with them again to Cayo Largo ( nolitours uses them)
We just had a fun time with Sunwing in October , they were great and hot meals…
and free champagne!!
I don’t have especially fond memories of skyservice, but it does get you there and back…

I haven’t flown with them yet, another 5 weeks and 5 days to go. But they did manage to change flight times since booking 6 days ago. Its alright, because they suit us better.

I’ll suffer the 3 hours, even if it is a real sardine can.