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Skyservice Star Class

Anyone flown this yet? They began Star Class 3 weeks ago, thought maybe someone is back by now. Any details?


We are leaving Nov. 28th. for Holguin and have booked Star Class. I’ll post a reply on my return to let every one know what it was like.

We have flown SkySquish a few times and may have to do it again this winter. I can only hope this new Star Class means you actually have a reasonable amount of leg room for a change, instead of having your knees jammed into the back of the seat in front of you.

Exactly! It doesn’t help when the “idiot” sitting in front leans the seat back. >:( >:( >:(

Exactly! It doesn’t help when the “idiot” sitting in front leans the seat back. >:( >:( >:([/quote]

Jetpilot: on my only flight with Skysquish, on our return trip, the guy in front of me tried to lean back… right after the attendant had asked people to pull up their seat because meal service was about to start… To top it all off, he was sitting in the first row with more legroom than the rest of us! I firmly asked him to pull his seat back up - didn’t have a choice, my knees were completely jammed when the seat was reclined!

I’m very curious about this Star Class service - don’t know if it would be sufficient for me to consider flying with Skysquish again though…

You can only get Star Class on Skyservice if you book with Signature. It is not available for any other tour operator. That is what my TA told me and also my phone call to Signature themselves

I was actually looking on here to see if anyone has utilized the new ‘star class’.I figure anything has to be an improvement…even just an inch!!
Unfortunatly we have to use Skysquish again this year…not looking forward to the cramps and bruises to get to Cuba!

Just Bumping…Anyone? Anyone?

Does anyone know the cost of star service? I looked on the signature website and can’t see the price of this upgrade.


I think mine was 100/pp each way. But, I’m going to Costa Rica. I flew with them to Cuba in May in their Premier Class. I am assuming this is the same but extra luggage allowance and from what I can find it’s an open bar rather than the two free drink coupons that Premier gives you.

$120.00 return per person

That is interesting information and very difficult to find out on line…I’ve searched trying to get details on the service and found little on the subject.
It really would be of great interest to many of us if someone, who has actually travelled using Skyservice Star Class, would give us a run down of exactly what you get, what the seating is like, the service, etc. and whether you feel you get your money’s worth.
Please :slight_smile:

Well, I can assure you if no one posts it, I will when I return from Costa Rica on the 19th. We are sitting in 2E and 2F both ways.

BTW - it has been confirmed (right from Skyservice) that Star Class is unlimited bar service both ways.

umm…that could be dangerous ;D ;D

It is a mission I am willing to accept :wink:

I HAVE booked my “Club” class is what it says on my reciept…$120 return/per person, it says…9" more leg room, 30kg instead of 20kg bags, UNLIMITED bar service!! :slight_smile: priority check in and seat selection. Booked thru my TA.

I am back now and here’s what I know.
There is a seperate check in both in Toronto and in Holguin. 30kgs. per person, no problem. Our carry on luggae was not weighed.
The first five rows of the plane we were on had a huge amount of leg room. Mind you I am only 5’2" however my spouse is 5’10" and his knees didn’t touch the seat in front.
We were served drinks, but unlike Air Transat, they did not give us the little bottles with some mix - they brought us glasses with the alcohol poured in to them - a lot of alcohol! I swear they were doubles. We were never told we had a limit and both had 3 drinks each way.
Our luggage was tagged Star Class in Toronto and was the first to come off in Cuba. So fast in fact that when we went out to look for our rep. she hadn’t even arrived yet!
Unfortunately it came off with the rest of the pack in Toronto.
For us it was worth it to have the excess weight to bring gifts and to have our seats with leg room at the front.
If you have any questions just ask.

Thanks for the info Lisa! Do the seats just have lots of legroom, or are they wider too?

Lisw, thanks for your description of what you get from Star Class. I do have one question: what kind of “roominess” do you get in the seats? From the pictures I’ve seen, they look like regular seats with more leg room. My concern is that they aren’t much different from exit row seats except for the perks of luggage allowance and free drinks. I’m guessing that you, at 5’2" tall, is going to have a much different take on the seats than someone much taller, like me and my hubby, ;D :wink: but I’d still appreciate your take on how much “wriggle room” you have in the seats or how up close and personal you get with your seat mates :stuck_out_tongue:
We’ll be getting our first taste of Air Transat Club Class, in about 6 weeks, and are really looking forward to the experience. I anticipate it to be our first comfortable flight to and from Varadero from Vancouver!