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I have the need to vent…

My husband and I returned home last night from Puerto Plata via Skyservice, our first experience with this airline and probably our last. We have never been so totally uncomfortable on a plane before in our lives and we’ve done a lot of flying. Somehow the flight home was even more uncomfortable than the flight to POP. The amount of leg room allotted to each passenger is unreasonable. Luckily my husband and I both were on the aisle so we could get up once in a while and stretch. We felt very sorry for the folks over 6 ft tall. The staff was very pleasant and offered good service. One flight attendant was particularly attentive to passengers who were not well.

That’d be why we call them Skysquish… (amongst many other names) :slight_smile:

Bryan I complained to both GoTravelDirect and Skyservice…not that it will do any good. Made me feel better though. I think it is criminal to jam people into a plane like that.

In our trips we used most of the carriers, but we don’t remember was bigger room in any planes.

Zoom, when they were alive, had more leg room and Westjet is definitely more comfortable than Skysquish.

Skysquish definitely has less aisle room. Strange as it may seem the flight to POP seemed more comfortable than our returning one. Is it possible they added a few more rows of seats?

We always book aisle seats so at least it feels like you have a bit more room. I just try to think of it as it is the only way I can get there so sit back and try and enjoy because when you step off that plane it was all worth it…

might be “more room” because the anticipation for a nice vacation. Return flight: go back to cold, back to work or school…yak
But the service was very good on the Skyservice. Friendly and helpful attendants.

We flew Skyservice a couple of times and I can’t remember it being that tight. I’m 5’7" and I had enough room. I think the tightest plane we have flown in was Air Transat. I think I remember reading somewhere a couple of years ago that Skyservice actually removed rows of seats to make it more spacious.

It seems to depend on the plane. In December we flew down on an A320 and came back on a B757. I’m about 6’ and the A320 was ‘tight’ but the B757 had sufficient (barely) knee room.

What ever gets me there.

I have never felt claustrophobic on a flight ever before, but I did on Sunday night. The space was so limited I could not even hold a book in front of me to read comfortably.

Bonita, yes, I agree that we put up with a great deal to get us to our destination but if we accept the nonsense it will continue and even get worse. We need to make the carriers know that we don’t appreciate being jammed into seats so they can make more money.

I agree…have to let people know when not happy or disapointed…its a service they provide and you pay good $ for…

After our first 2 trips to the DR…we have learned to try and book with carries that have they option of upgrading to bigger seats or a club class etc…worth the little extra $ IMHO…

haven’t flown Westjet to compare…but will be on a short trip to TO using Westjet at the end of the mth, so looking forward to seeing what the room is like on their planes if we ever had to use them to fly south…

It all comes down to $$$ with these airlines. You take out a row of seats and your short 6 passengers and someone has to pay. We’ve flown south with Skyservice many times over the past five years, Nov being the last time. When they came in with the Star class it was the first five row’s. Now on our flight in April it is the first 10 row’s, so you take just 1 inch per row to give these passengers the extra leg room they purchased and not take out a row of seats, it’s making for some cramped people in row’s 13 to approx. 35.

being 6’3" i notice the leg room, but they being said it comes down to dollars for me and not just the airlines, and i calculated that the flight is about 4% of your vacation time on a 7 night vacation, am I willing to pay a extra 200-400-600 dollars for more leg room , no thanks, i will use that money to wards the next vacation, the plane getting me there safely is priority for me, now if there wher etwo different airlines at close the the same price I will pick the one i find better,

one thing I do have to say about skyservice,there flight attendants really seem to have a good personality, and they are constantly offering refreshments through out the flight,

cramped yes, was the price right yes, flights where safe yes, would i use them again yes

well said northernale1. I couldn’t say it better.

I think usually to upgrade to more room…its usually only about $40 bucks or so each way and usually you get seat selection with that…

If its upwards of $100 each way, you get alot more along with the extra room, better service, food, drinks,priority check-in, increased luggage allowance…so when I am spending $2000 on a vacation…a extra $200 for all that is worth it…

but yes if it was $400 or $600 then I wouldn’t bother either and put it towards a second trip…!!

I would gladly pay the extra money for either an upgrade or a different airline as long as it wasn’t Skyservice. For those who have flown with them I’m sure many of you have had the person in the seat in front of you recline it so you can in no way get up to stretch or go to the washroom. Also Heaven forbid if you would like to read a book or magazine with the seat reclined in front of you because it is almost impossible to do. Also with the seat down you cannot even move your legs at all. So therefore even if it is only a small percentage of your vacation time it is well worth the upgrade or an airline that has more leg room.

stillsdaughter, can’t agree with you more about the seats in front of you…I don’t know why they don’t lock them so they can’t recline, it is only a 4 hour flight people should be able to sit up straight for that long, it is not like it is an overseas night flight where you need to sleep…just my opinion…

It always seems to happen to me with the guy putting his seat back. He gets it back so far I can almost count the hairs in his nose or the amount of hair he has on his bald head

i have never had a problem politely asking someone from refraining on reclining there seat, most people are apologetic when I have asked them , I have also had people ask if they could recline

so the recline thing has never been a issue for me,

but i do agree the seats should be locked,

and as far as skyservice goes , the 757 had ample room, the a320 was a different story,

but myself I still refuse to pay more, but thats just my opinion