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Snorkel/Dive Equipment

Leaving for Santiago de Cuba on Thursday with Sunwing and wondering if we are able to take our masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuit etc. in a seperate bag for free, over and above the regular luggage allowance.
I know that for a while Sunwing were charging a fee for this but just wondering if this charge has been dropped since the fuel costs are lower.


I was down there last week and put all my diving gear in a bag and labelled it sporting goods. It made it on the plane at no extra charge. Just remember it can be heavier then 20kilos.


Only thing I have packed in that bag that isn’t for snorkel/diving is two baseball gloves that I plan on giving away. Figure they should be allowed as they are “sports equipment”

Just remember if you do not pay for it (extra weight) there is no insurance on it either. We were told that years ago and do not think it has changed. Also, if the freight is over, the free stuff stays behind. Do not know how often that has happened - but it is part of their rules.

Good points to remember Canuks!

We’ve had one vacation ruined when our scuba bags, transported for free, were left behind in Vancouver because of the freight weight.

Geez, I was cursing all the golfers on that flight because it seems they all managed to arrive in Varadero with their clubs, even though some had checked it well after we did.

From that experience onward, I’ve ALWAYS brought my prescription mask in my carry-on. When we travel with scuba bags, the check-in clerks have pretty much always asked us to open the bag to make sure of the contents, so don’t pack extra stuff into the sports bags.

I’m glad to see that Sunwing has amended their baggage rules to allow scuba gear to travel for free.

Back at the beginning of December, they had just announce that they would be charging $100 for scuba gear. I called to complain and was told that there would be no exceptions.
We ended up packing very light and putting all our cloths and scuba gear into 2 duffel bags to get under our weight allotment.

I wasn’t going to book with Sunwing again because of it but I’ll definitely reconsider now.

“… From that experience onward, I’ve ALWAYS brought my prescription mask in my carry-on…”

Excellent reminder. That’s a mistake I made - once - as well. What a great way to ruin a dive trip…

We flew sunwing two weeks ago and had no problem with the dive bag leaving Calgary - weighed under th 20 kgs allowed for dive bags. Coming home it weighed 20.4 and the Cuban ticket agent frowned - but let it go when I said I could take a flipper out and put it in another bag. I’m guessing the extra weight was from the damp wet suits, etc. They then proceeded to weigh each piece of luggage seperately but added all the weight together - 144 kgs (including the dive bag) and said we would have to pay for 24 kgs over. Once we sorted out that we had Elite status which allows for 30 kg each and that we had a dive bag that wasn’t to be included everything was fine. (There were six of us travelling together).