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Snorkel Equip Question

This is the first year that I am taking my own complete set of snorkel equipment. Air Transat says…

Scuba Diving and snorkelling equipment
Any regular size
Any regular weight up to 20 kg (44 lb.) max.
Air Transat will accept up to 20 kg (44 lb.) of scuba diving equipment free of charge, which includes the tank, air regulator, mask and fins.

Only one tank per passenger is accepted. Air tank must be completely emptied and pressure gauge protected.

My question is…how do I package it? does it become checked baggage? Its only fins , snorkel , and mask all in a carry bag, its not large for checked baggage but takes alot of room in my suitcase.
Any help with this would be appreciated.

I was just wondering the same thing. My husband and I are taking snorkel equipment for the first time. My question is, can we put both sets in the same duffle bag?

We put all of our snorkeling stuff in the same duffel bag. We take wetsuits too so it helps to protect the masks. It is a good idea to wrap your masks in towels as Gambitt suggests. We also put our sunscreen in this duffel and swimming suits as we use them to snorkel with as well and we have had no questions about this practice.

The airline will thank you if you put it all in one bag, but make sure you call it scuba equipment, not snorkel equipment, because you aren’t entitled to the sports equipment excemption just for snorkel stuff. Mask should always be kept in their plastic containers. If yours didn’t come with one you can buy an empty case at any scuba store. Also, they do check “scuba” bags these days, so make sure you don’t pack a bunch of other stuff in the bag. And most airlines these days make you register your scuba gear in advance when you book your flight - including air canada! Your travel agent can do this for you or you can do it on some websites yourself. Happy snorkelling!