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Snorkeling at Sosua Beach

Hello everyone, just wondering about snorkelling at Sosua Beach. Is it hard to get out to the reefs? Do i have to be worried about anything? Does it compare to the likes of Paradise Island?

Last year we took in Paradise Island. I loved snorkelling and this year we booked at Breezes. I had heard that its very good at Sosua, but quite a swim to get to the reefs.

Should i bring my own equipment or can you rent? I dont own any but do know people who do. Is it a pain in the ass to pack in suitcases?

Thanks for the help


Kevin I often take my own equipment but you can rent it down there… just be prepared to pay!
You can swim out to the reefs… it isn’t that far presuming tha you are a good swimmer, alternativly, you will always find someone at the beach willing to take you out!

Walk down the main Sosua beach until you are directly onshore from the reef (it’s a decent walk down the beach to get there). There will be beach vendors who will watch your stuff and rent you a chair / fetch you beer for like $1/day/chair. The swim isn’t too bad at all. My wife and I did it last month and she was 4 months pregnant, no problems at all.

Flippers would have been better but we just went with our masks and snorkels. If you can get around to the deeper, ocean-side of the reef, that is where the majority of the fish likely are, but we had lots of smaller fish and a few larger ones come greet us.

TIP: Pack a few bananas in your pocket, crack a few jokes about “yes that IS a banana in my pocket”, and when you get out to the reef, peel the banana and mash up small amounts at a time – the fish will come so close to you and draw larger fish to the area as well. Look just below the water line and you might see some blue swordfish-looking fish as well – very cool!

Thanks guys, I really enjoyed the snorkelling at Paradise Island last year. So i can’t wait to get out there in a couple weeks.