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We are leaving for El Portillo on Jan 21. We are wanting to know about snorkeling. We understand their is snorkeling out in front of the resort, but what about snorkeling trips? What about any other trips? What about scuba diving trips that may include snorkelers? We did this in Honduras. We as snorkelers were able to board the shallow dive boats and snorkel where the divers were going. Fantastic!
Souper Dave & Nancy


PM sent.


Hey Bob! Would love to read the answer to that question!


:slight_smile: Me too! :wink: :-*


Sorry. It was a personal question, unrelated to the original post and sometimes new members don’t look at their PM inbox to see if there’s a message.


:slight_smile: Fair enough. Thanks Bob. I wonder if anyone will answer the original question. I hope so. :-*


Try to find out from these scuba diving bases and boat excursion people in Las Terrenas:
809-869-0198 and 809-240-5040
809-862-7305 and 809-886-6085



:sunglasses: 8-)Thanks Mountainfrog for the phone #'s
I will try them.

One more sleep to go!! ;D :-*


In the meanwhile I have talked to one of the German diving instructors.
He does take people on snorkeling tours to various places.
Contact Hanjo at 809-889-2422 or PM me for further details.