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Is it worth bringing our own snorkel equipment. Staying at Blue Bay Villas POP

Most of the organized snorkeling trips go a bit off-shore. But, I’ve seen a number of people snorkeling between the vicinity of Paradise Beach and the point just before the calm area marked on the Playa Dorada map. The sand seems to be coarser here and the water is usually clearer since it settles pretty quickly. And it’s always nicer to have your own mouthpiece and mask if you take an organized trip.

Yes, I take mine all the time, as Bob say’s it’s nice to have your own mouth piece. Just go up in front of the Gran Ventana and there’s a large reef thats in a circle. I swim around it twice a day. There are also a lot of small reefs approx 25 meters off shore. It’s better in the spring as the fall winds stir the sand up. Take in account the weight of your snorkeling equipment, mine are new light weight.