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Snorkelling excursion

What’s the best excursion to take if you want to do some snorkelling and see some coral reef, pretty fish etc. Would like to get some cool underwater pics. too.

WE did Tropical STorm and really loved it. Great time. Traveled the coast to the shipwreck and then we “rode the waves” for a while, then went to a nice snorkel site. We saw lots of cool fish, etc. then they take you to a nice natural pool area where the water is crystal clear and about waist deep. You can relax, they have a floating bar, and just overall a really nice afternoon.

We just signed up for it with one of the tour operators in our hotel. I think it was around $70 per person if I remember right, something like that.

The other trip you can book will take you snorkeling with the “Rays & the Sharks”.
Snorkel in an area for awhile over the coral reefs and you’ll see lots of different species of fish. Then you will enter the pen where the rays & nurse sharks are kept and you can swim with them. A great experience and some good photos. After that you will cruise the shoreline to a natural pool area for a swim and a few refreshments, then cruise on back to the dock.
Quite the experience. The whole trip is one big party. Lots of refreshments.

I am curious how much time you get for actual snorkelling with the Tropical Storm tour. We’re not really interested in the party but would like lots of snorkelling. Thanks

Some hotels offer snorkling trips right from the resort. We did one at the Bahia also at Dreams PC. These were just snorkling trips . Small groups, 8-10 people and I think we snorkled for 1-2 hours each time. Lots cheaper as well then the big tours…I think we paid$25-$30 per person vs the $80 plus for the other tours. All are fun …but this is a fun and cheaper option.