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Snorkelling in Sosua, anyone?


Good day, all!
For those of you that will be in town the next few weeks, I am planning on spending a day taking some people snorkelling. This beach (not Sosua Beach) is walking distance from town and boasts the famous “Three Rocks” a well known dive and snorkel site. If you are a good swimmer, and don’t need a boat to take you (Catamarans routinely stop there), it is a couple of minutes swim from the beach. It is a nice beach with no vendors hasseling you- we can pack up a few coolers and bring our own water/beer etc., and go for a few hours…anyone in?
It has to be a Saturday or a Sunday though, when I’m not up to my eyeballs in sandwiches!
PM me or reply to this thread. There is a dive shop we can rent equipment at if you don’t have your own…will try and get a price in the next day or two from my friend that works there.


Looks like Saturday the 28th, guys…and gals!
Plan to meet at Checkpoint Pub (map on website or PM me), around 10:30 AM and walk to the site.


Oh I am so jealous… wish that I could be there, sounds like a ton-o-fun. Have a good one.

Hi Colleen and Mark !! :smiley: from Jodi and Erik


I know, we are going to Punta Cana this year. I have been out to " Three Rocks" and it’s fabulous. Once I get Punta Cana done and out of my system, I just know I will want to come back to Sosua. Something about Sosua that calls me back !


Hey burplepug! :slight_smile:
(LOL) We miss you too!!! Have decided I need more recreation and now that my Mom is here, we have to do more stuff than hang about drinking Blue Coconuts, Pink Panthers and Caesar’s… :sunglasses:
Have had a few responses about this snorkel thing so looks like we’re going ahead and possible making it a date with a few more in Feb.
Wish you wuz here…sigh!
Mark says HI!!!


Colleen, there is nothing at all wrong about chilling with a Pink Panther in your hand - just think of the strength that you are building in that arm. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your visit with your mom. I checked out the pics that you posted on your site, and looks like you had nice weather for your Paradise Island trip. Awesome!!

Take Care :slight_smile:


We sure did, PB!
Will be posting more pics on our site soon…have met some really nice poeple the last few weeks!
See you in cyberspace!


As usual Sosua Gal you aways come up with some really great plans. I just wish I could be there with you but I’m going to be a grandfather for the first time this weekend so it will be a no show for us. However you have the best ideas,plans and by far the best bar.
Have a great time :sunglasses: