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So confused about dep. tax

I know this has been covered before BUT just got our tickets and our TA said that the dep tax has to be paid locally and this is with Airtransat. If anyone has been with airtransat in the past couple weeks can you let me know for sure cause its been said on here before its pre paid but now the ta says its not. just want to be sure.

We just got back on the 28th December Air Transat (Transat Holidays) and it was included. Last year it was written on our e-ticket, this year it wasn’t so we stashed the $40 US. We were not sure until the rep on the bus told us it was. Stash it just to be safe.

To be sure, bring and extra 20 bucks, maybe the package covered it and it’ll feel like free money. ;D

We flew Air Transat earlier this year and the departure tax was included in the price.
As far as I know, and what I have seen on here recently, the departure tax is still included within the price. I’m referring to Punta Cana, not 100% sure about other areas.
Your TA should phone AT to confirm exactly for you.

its nothing to be confused about as Presidentejay says put your 20 bux away,

I always put ours in a different spot then the rest of our money, there if needed,

when at the airport dont offer it, if they ask for it question the fact,

if you have to pay ask for reciept,

I just spoke to my TA and for the 1st time our departure tax is already included in the price we paid! Woohoo! I just saved an additional $80US!!!

She said that this year the only tour operator that is not including it is Sunwing…with Sunwing you have to pay extra for the Tourist Card ($10) and the Departure Tax ($20) so actually $30 extra pp!

Just confirmed with my TA that Sunwing does require you to purchase your Tourist Card in the DR…Last time we booked with Signature and were given out Tourist Card on the plane. Our TA told us we could purchase it at the airport…Does anyone know where in the airport (DR) you would get the Tourist Card???

it’s all changed since November 1st, 2008. Not to worry, though… everyone pays both taxes. There’s no way around it, unfortunately. it’s just that it is prepaid with some tour oprators and not with others! :wink: That’s the only difference.


I realize we all pay somehow…My concern is where do I pick up the Tourist Card at the airport in the DR as it is not given to you on the plane like I am used to…Thanks thought for the info…

In Nov they handed you the tourist card as you boarded the plane, then once in the air they gave you the D.R immigration card to fill out.

Did you fly with Sunwing in Nov or another company??

Of course we all pay it somehow but now the $80US that I set aside for the departure tax can be used for something else…I’m thinking a massage on the beach, lol :wink:

or save for next years trip, ;D ;D ;D

Just before immigration, there is a counter that you will be directed to in order to pick-up your tourist card and pay the 10$ US per person. (In POP airport). And if ever it’s included (some people have the surprise upon arrival) then do as KellyB says… Enjoy a massage :smiley: Nice!

Hope this helps!

Enjoy your vacation!

Well I know I have to pay because I am flying Sunwing HOWEVER the message sounds great & I will definatly do it when I get there…I guess the PC airport should be the same as the POP…I like to be organized & know what I am getting into…Thanks for the info…

I think we have experienced every combination of our tourist card and departure tax either being prepaid or collected at the airport. As it has changed from year to year and tour operator to tour operator, we make sure we that have the extra cash on hand just in case.

I don’t think I’m getting my point across…Because the threds that have been going back and forth are pretty bad…I KNOW I HAVE TO PAY for the tourist card just wondering where. Not is I ahve to pay or not just WHERE at the airport in PC…Don’t bother to reply I will figure it all out wehn I get there in 19 days…THANKS

Lambertly, there is a booth just inside the airport. It think it is before you go through customs but I’m not sure. Either way, it will be clear to you once you get there. It is kind of dumb as you pay for the tourist card and then you walk a few feet and hand it over to someone else ??? and then off to get your luggage and then paradise.

As described by lexmb, after you enter immigration http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2645062230037021985owMrEd and have your picture taken with the girls http://travel.webshots.com/photo/2248398940103211681vsCuVp you will be in a large room with a counter in the middle of the room. That is where you purchase the tourist cards, which usually only takes a few seconds. Once you have your card you line up at the immigration officer booths which are at the far end of the room.

People are simply trying to help. I won’t bother then. Sorry.