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So tired of threads


Ok I have a rant. Personally I am so tired of posters that make their comments on issues that they have no knowledge of. For example…(maybe not here on Debbie’s) " I haven’t been there but I’ve heard" or impose their convictions on an innocent question (this is my biggest rant)   for example like how much is the dolphin swim.  Do people need to make their opinions the end all, be all ??? I have read the same ole - same ole from regular posters stating their opinions (which some are great) over and over …what just to be heard? I will give one example…as  a poster either here or other forums asks the question about dolphins & swimming. Ok, most of us know & realize it’s so wrong BUT for those that are uneducated are lectured by some so called self professed experts about the act.  The poster merely asks a simple question and is lectured profuoundly. Our opinions are not necessarily correct. I don’t care how many times you have snorkelled or visited a resort, please respect what the poster has asked.   Geezus some folks appear to be experts but are actually quite uneducated.  End of my rant.


I hear what you’re saying Di and agree with your rant overall. I firmly believe that forums are a valuable tool for educating but I’m realistic enough to know that some people just don’t want to be educated. It’s not what you say but how you say it!

With contentious questions like dolphin excursions, one shouldn’t forego the opportunity to educate. Problem is, when does a lecture not sound like a stern lecture? To me, it’s when the OP question has been answered first and then addition information by way of a link to valid, scientific studies is provided for further consideration to educate. Often of course only the opinion (my way or the highway!) is stated and generally in a harsh, reprimanding and judgemental way. Talk about turning someone off from even wanting to investigate further!

I personally have strong feelings about some topics, especially those for which I have professional expertise/experience. Over the years I guess I’ve just stopped resisting the temptation to respond, or maybe I’m getting tired and cranky because I see that there will never be a stop to dolphin excursions or feeding fish while snorkeling. There no cure for stupidity and I’ve accepted that.


Agree. It’s just the same answers people give on a given thread - repeated over & over.


Activists are usually known for these behaviours.

I doubt these posters are true activists though because if they were, they probably wouldn’t be spending so much of their time in travel forums.

I’ve just decided to ignore these posts rather than get my blood pressure up over it. Gotta love the diversity we enjoy because of the internet.


I would agree that a question asked is not asking for ethical response …but … and it is a huge “but” there is an opportunity to educate and whether the OP likes it or not…it is part of their question.

Funny how if the question had the word dolphin replaced with the word young girl… people might not be so slow to share valuable information about the inappropriateness of exploiting that market.


Some people’s style is to “lecture” and that’s where mods need to come in and enforce the vibe of the forum. 

I think it’s prudent that people think before they write, like they should think before they speak. There is no stupid question, just stupid responses. Virtually everyone has a thirst for information, especially if it is something that is on their mind. People will also need answers to questions and that’s what forums are all about.  


I do get into it on dolphin threads and other issues that interest me, but I understand what you are saying. To folks that are not forum regulars and don’t use the search function (most don’t), it may be information that they otherwise have not considered or even thought about. There is also a “politically correct” aspect, e.g. gifting threads. The mantra is tip for good service, gifts only to established friends, etc. but no issue is ever black and white. The dolphin situation, for example. My main concern is that patronizing these exhibits means that more dolphins will be captured, with the trauma that entails both to individuals and the ecosystem. Since I frequent the Cuba forum and I’m well aware that Cuba routinely captures dolphins both for their own use and to sell, this is an issue that concerns me, whereas in the U.S. there are laws prohibiting wild capture. Lecturing, as stated, generally turns people off. However, providing information may be valuable. Unfortunately once folks on both sides of an issue square off, things can get heated. What’s that line? “Mostly saying hurray for our side”.

All that said, it’s the internet. People have opinions and are going to express them. I think I will go off and herd some cats! :wink:


[quote=@hmm]Some people’s style is to “lecture” and that’s where mods need to come in and enforce the vibe of the forum. 


Hi hmm and welcome to Debbie’s forums!

Since you are new here, let me point out that one thing we are proud of here at Debbie’s is that we all “behave” ourselves and show respect for our fellow members. Unlike another forums, heavy moderating is rarely done at Debbie’s because it isn’t necessary. We have a good vibe here so hopefully you’ll stick around and join us for the “adult conversations” we are able to have even on many contentious issues.


and eeeefarm lets not forget them poor under feed dogs…lol…


Or the smoking questions. Or the tipping question. Or the gifting question. oOr the I met a guy in Cuba question…I usally just skip by or roll my eyes when I see that post, as I can already pretty much tell you exactly what the responses are going to be I have seen them so many times…lol


Hi selectivedi57, from what I’ve seen of long term posters who respond to questions on Debbies Cuba Forum most are also long term travelers who comment about what they have some knowledge of. Even experienced Cuba travelers are learning something new about some part of the country so there is no hierarchy of ‘most knowledgeable poster’ here I think.

Welcome to the forum.

cheers, Ken



Welcome to the forum.

cheers, Ken[/quote]

In case you weren’t aware of it Ken, Selectivedi has been a Debbie’s member for many, many years. Seems her original membership account caused problems, so she registered anew and appears as a junior member.


[p]Well true I’ve been around for quite some time. Thanks for the welcome though !! (I didn’t bother to re-instate my old account ).   I have gained quite a lot of knowledge from these forums and will continue to do so.  Now to change it up a bit…haven’t seen the "I fell in love with a man after seeing his tears of joy when I distributed gifts to his family … " threads for awhile now… [/p][p]My point however is more about posters not answering a direction question and the topic goes way offside and the question really doesn’t get answered.  [/p]