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Sol Cayo Santa Maria room recommendations

We will be making our first trip to Sol Cayo Santa Maria later this month. In previous years we have gone to the Sol Cayo Guillermo, but scheduling conflicts meant we could not return there this year. From what I can gather from online reviews, the SCSM and SCG seem quite similar. Can anyone confirm that?

The main reason I am writing though, is to see if anyone can recommend a room or building at SCSM - we always contacted the SCG a week or so before we arrived to request our favourite room, and our request was usually honoured. The trouble is, we don’t know the layout at SCSM and the only map I could find online was not very clear - any tips on a quiet room/building with a nice view, close to the beach, not close to the disco?


Personally I like the one floor bungalows…they are only “ocean view” if you stand up (foliage), but are pretty private & quiet. Only two rooms per unit. I’ve enjoyed building 16 and 17 (1601, 1602 etc.) If you want a true ocean view, you need to be on the second floor. I think building 15 is two floors…can’t remember for sure. Any of the units closest to the beach should be decent…For a good map, try here:

Me thinks it’s time for you to go back to the SCSM to refresh your memory! :wink:

Me thinks it’s time for you to go back to the SCSM to refresh your memory! ;)[/quote]
Love to! SCSM has been expensive lately…but I’ll get back eventually. Looking at the map, I’m sure building 15 is two floors. I love the layout of SCSM. No more than 4 units per building, two up two down…or only 2 if you have the single floor building. Better than Melia, IMHO. Much less noise transfer. :wink:

Hi Mgrier-

       We stayed at the Sol CSM a few years ago and had a great time. We had a  clear blue sky, sun and 80 degree weather  for the whole week while western Cuba and the Yucatan were getting hit by Wilma.

       We were in bldg 54 on the 2nd floor. It on the eastern edge of the resort. Very quiet. It's in the 2nd row but we had a sea view and sat out on our balcony late in the afternoon everyday  drinking Champagne and eating cheese and crackers enjoying our beautiful Caribbean Sea view. Very nice room. We'd love to go back but the Cayo Largo prices have been a lot better recently.
                                                      Have fun,

Thanks for the map info eeeefarm, and the room recommendation daveb. Sounds like just what we’re looking for.