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Sol Club Cayo Largo closing for renos?


I have been looking/drooling over to go back to CL but there seems to be a gap from end of October to Christmas time for bookings. Does anyone have any info please.

( the rum trees are crying :’( )


Which airport are you flying out from?

CanJet is showing departure dates from Toronto, on Mondays at 7:45am, for pretty much the whole month of November until December 10. Then as far as I can see, it begins again on December 21 & 22, 28 & 29.



We fly from either TO or Montreal.
What tour op. are you looking at ?


I’m looking at RedTag Vacations, showing TO departures for HolaSun.


Air transat is flying from Montreal to Sol cayo largo in November. I used HoldaymarketTravel.


I will look at those, thanks !
The Pelicano closed two springs ago so I was thinking it may be the Sol’s turn next


Holy Smokes VCC, you had me worried that I’d have to look after all those trees with no major pruning from you, till March.
Go for it. Get down there and do your job.
From the reviews, the Sol should close and fix up or just stay the same for bargain hunters like us who don’t care as long as the rooms are clean and there are no Time-Share Salespeople, LOL.


You are right in your assuming. Apparently the Sol is up for some kind of renovations and/or overhaul in respect to rooms and services. Here are a few statements made by the Sol’s (new) General Manager, Thomas Lehnhooff, in response to a number of recent reviews on TA:

"… we are doing maintenance and redesign in 100% hotels rooms for the this winter season… "

“… In this moment we are improving and redesigning rooms and hotel services…”

From what we understand, he’s German but raised in Spain, so speaks fluent Spanish. He’s a “hands on” manager, that seemed to be everywhere.

In May, we never met Mr. Lehnhooff, but did witness this GM in action ~ helping “bus” tables at both the Ranchon and the Buffet, wiping and setting tables, pretty much every day, especially for lunch at the Ranchon. Checking the temperature of food on the buffets at both restaurants. Lighting incense (for lack of a better term) at the Ranchon to repel insects. Talking to staff (reprimanding?) who had been “goofing off” and not helping with seating the lineup of guests, that were backed up at the entrance to the dinner Buffet. And while attending to & checking on the mal-functioning AC in Las Trinas, ended up smoothly assisting the female head Maitre’d, when guests arrived without following the dress-code ~ redirecting them to the Buffet instead.

We were quite impressed with his display of leadership, and hope that he continues with the SolMelia chain, bringing the Sol Cayo Largo up to its “full potential” and becoming the stellar resort it is meant to be.

GG :slight_smile:


We were at the Sol CL in November 2011 and the place is in dire need of renovations. Since we got such a good price, we were able to close our eyes to this, but when you’re paying a 4-star price, you expect your A/C to work, your bathroom to have no mold, your patio door to lock, your bath towels to not have stains and the pool liner to be fixed. I hope they bring the Sol close to its original state too as it is my favorite spot in Cuba.


Wow Babas, We were there the same time and we saw none of what you say.
The pool liner was a little bit bit unattached to the decking in about 2 percent of the perimeter but " closing your eyes " to it is a very different appraisal then what we had.
The pool rest. was reroofed last year and the ranchon was worked over 2 years ago.
As far as mould goes, tell your maid. They always chat with us and want us to be happy so I cannot see a cleaning issue to harm a holiday.


To verycoldcanadian: Please don’t get me wrong. We saw several tears in the pool liner, especially on the water sports side (shallow end). And all the other problems I listed earlier were in fact there. I think what bothered me the most were the stained bath towels. I know this is Cuba, but the resort is owned by a company in Spain. How hard can it be to ship new towels to their own hotels? What I meant by ‘‘closing our eyes’’ to it was the fact that we each paid under $900/1 week so we didn’t really mind that much. However, if I were paying closer to a 4-star price, i.e. $1,500 for my week, I would be disappointed with the Sol.


We never use the pool ( except for last time at midnight LOL )
so it is never an issue for us as we are strictly ocean people so tears in the pool do not matter to us. Stained towels ? I guess that would depend on how stained they were but still, just ask the maid for new ones . $ 1500 a week is a deal for the paradise that is Sol club CL. Besides , they have lots of rum trees !!!
I hope your next trip is better Babas.