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Sol Club Cayo Largo Email

Hope that someone can help me out. I have tried emailing the Sol Club several times but each email bounces back. I was sending the note to the address listed under the Gen Info thread. Does anyone have a different address? We are heading there in three weeks–cannot wait!


:slight_smile: I’ve always had good success when I email them through the main SolMelia website. You could try that.

We’re heading back for our 5th visit. I’m looking forward to your review when you get back. Can you please find out if they still have the returnee’s dinner around the pool? Thanks! :-*

As of very recently, I believe they did!

SUJ, will do re returnees dinner. That said, we have been to the Sol several times and never heard of–and never invited to–a returnees dinner around the pool. Maybe they know that we are somewhat incorrigible. :o

Just heard back from the Sol Club. The address to use going forward is the following:


I also have been told that the Sol has several Junior Suites on site. Does anyone know about this or stayed in one? Where on the resort are they located?