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Sol Sirenas Coral


Can I get some insight on this resort. 90% of the reviews on Trip Advisor are good as per Cuban standards.
If I e mail will I get a responce?


I also am going to this resort and would like information about it. Is the a safe place to exchange money? Any info would be helpful.


The best place I find in Cuba to change most of your money is at the airport, them you can top up as needed at the resort.


Most resorts have a cadeca on site these days for changing money. There has been an ongoing problem with airport exchanges short changing people, so you might want to make a point of counting your money and verifying the count before you leave the booth.

Sorry I can’t enlighten you about the hotel, as I have not stayed there.


The best advice I’ve heard is to change money at a bank if you can find one. Next best is the airport with the associated scams and finally, the hotel desks where you can change small amounts and drag the Manager out of his office every time you feel the rate is too high.
Probably not a good idea to go back there.
Many resorts give good exchange rates to their clients. Go with a rate in mind, following the guides here and see. Right now 100Cdn is about 98CUC’s.