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Someone ease my mind please!


Hey future and experienced D.R. brides!
I’m a new member to this forum but have been reading posts for many months now. Finally decided to join!
I’m getting married at the Bavaro Princess on April 17th. I’ll be travelling with a group of 36.
My fiancé and I are reading wayyyyyy too many reviews, most of them horror stories. To the point that we’re starting to have regrets.
We read bad reviews about the food, the service, the rooms and especially guests getting sick. I’ve even read a couple wedding reviews and my stress is building up by the minute.
Can someone ease my mind, please!!!
If anybody’s been there, I would appreciate honnest comments.
As much as I’ll make the best out of this trip, I can stop thinking of the 34 other people, whom most of them is there first time on a resort. Would hate and feel soooooo bad if they had a horrible experience.

HELP! :-[


Bavarobride. . . Don’t worry. . . you will LOVE the Bavaro Princess, as will your guests! We spent 2 weeks there last Feb. and also 2 weeks in Feb. the year before last. We love it there. . . why else would we have returned?!! Saultgirl is another poster who is returning for the 3rd time this year. Anyone can get sick anywhere. . .people just have to be careful with the sun and the drinks, and eating different foods. Also it is important to stay hydrated (with water, not booze! LOL) I am quite certain that you will have a beautiful wedding.

(I haven’t been posting here lately because I am heading to Playa del Carmen soon, but when I read your post I just HAD to reassure you!) I would return to the Bavaro Princess in a heartbeat!!!

Cat :slight_smile:


Take Cat’s advice, I had my grandkids there in November 2005 and never had a problem. Those who have never been to a resort will be amazed at the beauty of the Bavaro Princess.

Have a wonderful trip and wedding and most of all a long happy life together.



Like the song says, don’t worry be happy. You will get negative reviews no matter where you go. You just can’t please everyone. You will have a wonderful time there so sit back and relax and fire away with questions you need answering from all the great members here in DDTF :slight_smile:


My future sister in law has been there 3-4 times now and she LOVES it. (She’s 29 by the way and says the nightlife is fantastic)


Yeah, I always take the reviews with a grain of salt! If you are like me you focus and worry about the negative ones! I just never read them anymore. I find the ones that make the bad reviews are the ones that never leave their home country and as an example are upset if people are speaking spanish! ''Imagine that, speaking Spanish in a spanish country"!!


Thank you so much everyone! I knew I had chosen a great Resort for our wedding.
I’ve just been needing reassurance lately. I know now to stay away from that trip advisor site. Nothing but complaints.
Thanks again guys. I really appreciate it!
pm me with pictures if you can. I’d love to see them!


[quote author=bavarobride board=wedding thread=1170472562 post=1170616586]pm me with pictures if you can. I’d love to see them!

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figured it out!


Okay, help, I’m new- what are pm’s?


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I haven’t been checking these boards in a really long time. Bavarobride - I might be able to help you out as I got married at Bavaro Princess in June 2006 with 50 people attending. I also went to Bavaro Princess back in June 2003. We chose this resort to get married at because I have only heard fantastic things about the wedding coordinator, Francelia. And trust me, they are all true. She is awesome. Bavaro Princess is an older resort but the rooms are huge, the resort if huge and there is plenty of things for your group to do. The pool is great, the strip of beach is beautiful and the staff is so friendly. While I was there for my wedding week, my whole group took advantage of the a la carte restaurants. I think that I only ate at the main buffet once. If you are a meat eater, PLEASE have the Argentinean steak there, it is to die for and all my guests can not stop talking about it. A few people in my group did get sick (upset stomach), but most of the people who were ill were people who drank too much, played out in the sun too long and didn’t have water or were pregnant and didn’t know. You just have to tell your guests to be careful with what they chose to eat.

Everyone in my group had an awesome time. We still talk about it to this day. For many of the older guests, it was their first time to an all-inclusive and they can’t stop raving about it and want to go again. For those who have been, they liked the fact that we had so many people and that we were always having fun - day or night.

I could type a novel here, so if you have any specific questions, just pm me.

Don’t worry about it, it’s not so much the resort you choose, the service, food, etc…it’s the people who you are going with who make the whole trip and wedding fun. You have to make the most of it. Let me tell you this one last thing, we had a guy on our trip and it was his first all-inclusive. He got sunburnt, got a heat rash, had an upset stomach, everything possible, but he was still out and partying with us. It didn’t stop him from enjoying himself. He was just glad to be away relaxing and there for our wedding.

I really should stop now…


I totally agree with Kizz, there really are people who would complain about people speaking Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country. As far as getting sick, it’s quite easy to avoid or at least greatly minimize your chances of getting sick. Drink plenty of water, use common sense at the buffets and watch the alcohol intake. Also, you can eat a yogurt a day for a week or two prior to the trip as well as while you are there. It has certain healthy bacteria that is good for your intestines and helps protect you from getting sick. There’s a supplement called acidophilus that you can buy at the health food store which is the equivalent of what is in the yogurt. I like yogurt, but I don’t necessarily want to eat it every day for 2-3 weeks.


Thank you so much lovesthesun and queenhelly! Congratulations on your pregnancy queenhelly!
I’ll email my group those recommendations about the yogurt. Best advise taken…use your common sense! You’re right about that!