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Sorry, another INSURANCE topic


I’ve asked on TA and had one answer (thanks SWNova!) so now I’m answer shopping. We want to get my husband the Asistur insurance when we arrive. He has pre-existing conditions (cancer AND valvular heart disease). We don’t expect either of those issues to cause a problem, but he’s on Coumadin for his artificial valve–I’m worried about cuts and things of that nature. Will they still insure/cover him?


If you get the insurance the same time as you book your husband should be covered.


I thought you had to buy the Cuban insurance IN Cuba though?


You do have to buy it there. I was hoping for the opportunity to do it on line before going but nothing yet. Hoping for some info on where to purchase in Varadero.


Possibly here? http://www.asistur.cu/mapa.html


Thanks tor. Will check to see if current.


I would be interested in what you discover Spunky. My husband has had some health issues this year and we were interested in the Cuban travel insurance.


I haven’t heard anything yet. I also emailed Asistur, and it’s been crickets. :frowning:


I just returned last week and traveled to Cayo Coco , my buddy is 72 with a few issues so we hunted down the closest Asistur office to CC before we left.
In our case we had to travel to Ciego de Avila which was no big deal as we always have a car. We picked up a buddy to translate & off we went.
Pretty simple but time consuming ( like anything official ) it was 2 CUC’s a day plus a surcharge of 2.50 a day for over 70 yrs old.
His issues never came up .
There is no office in Vegasdero listed on the form I have , the closet is in Mantanzas
Also there is no mention of Asistur on the form it says ESEN