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Sosua vs. Cabarete - beaches

Which has the nicer beach? And what beach(es) would be best for small (3-4 yo) children? Obviously we’re not interested in kiteboarding or windsurfing – more just goofing around in the shallow water without getting knocked over. (I’m aware that the SE coast is better for this, but we like the variety of cheaper eats available in the north and aren’t so interested in AIs).

Also, another thing I’m confused about… According to Lonely Planet, the only way to get to Alicia Beach is to go through the Casa Marina Beach resort. Yet on the map, it doesn’t appear to be right on the beach, and there are others closer which claim to have some kind of beach access - like Hotel Waterfront (which says it is unavailable according to the website), Sosua-by-the-sea, Pension Annaliese, etc. Is Playa Alicia easy to get to regardless of where you stay?

Sosua, waves are too big for kids in Cabarete area.

i second sousa, the water is very rough in caberete.

Sosua! But watch the kids when we were there I found it drops fast. You cant walk out far, it could have been where we were on the beach. :slight_smile:

Sosua is much nicer for kids and swimming and snorkelling in general. As for Playa Alicia, we go there fairly often when we are there as it is a little quieter and more secure for your belongings than Playa Sosua. We usually have got to the beach by going to the Waterfront bar and ordering a drink after which, the bartenders have been happy to let us through to the stairs going down to the beach. Unfortunately, we hear that the Waterfront has been purchased by new owners so no idea if we will still be able to get there that way. We also managed to sneak in one day by going walking onto the Casa Marina property and down to their beach and walking along until we came to the stairs going down to Playa Alicia. Just had to hide our wrists so no one could see if we were guests! smile