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Sousa to cabarete

I was wondering how far is Cabarete from the casa marina beach resort? is there a public beach in cabarete with shopping? how much would a taxi cost ? thanks Lisa

it is 10 to 15 min cab ride,and will cost approx $20 to $25 dollars via cab and $2 or $3 dollars via gua gua.i will also be back to casa marina end of jan,

Yes there is also shopping there…

thanks for the info but what is gua gua? and where do you ctch that lol? we are going there on the 23rd of jan

Here is a good description of the local bus, called gua gua. Try it, it’s fun and cheap and gets you the Cabarete Playa in about 10 minutes, 2-3$US

There is shopping there. My wife likes the shops and boutiques there much better than Sosua. It’s on our list next week to stop and visit. It’s worth the trip at least once. They have agreat beach too. If it is windy, the water will be rough, but it’s a good beach to visit. It’s a huge spot for wind and kite surfers

We loved Cabarete…There was a large shopping place that had all the same items that all the little shops had for 1/2 the price. I don’t remember the name of it but you had to walk up a large set of stairs to enter. They had EVERYTHING!! It almost seemed like it was where the smaller shop keepers went to purchase there inventory.

There is also a place to purchase hand made leather sandals, a perfume shop, several calling card/phone places, a jewelry store, a NICE cigar shop and several small pubs.

A nice morning trip and very safe!

Thanks again for the info … it is much appreciated