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Split trips Havana/ Varadero

What tours companies offer this.
I have a friend who wants to go on one 2 days in Havana, the rest on the beach

Two in Havana and 3 in Veradero?
Then back to Havana for a flight out?
We’ve looked at them too.
With a rental car?

Let us know how you make out.

From Canada, at least Transat Holidays and Air Canada offer duo-city vacations. I have done one with Air Canada, flew from Halifax to Varadero and was whisked to Havana in a private cab (I was the only passenger on that flight going to Havana). In Havana, only breakfast was included, which offers an excellent opportunity to dine out at some of the great restaurants. :slight_smile:

After two nights in Havana, there is ground transportation back to Varadero for the next 5 nights at an AI. The choices of hotels sometimes can be ‘negotiated’ through your travel agent. :wink:
They are wonderful opportunity to see a bit of Havana yet get some beach time. :sunglasses:

Signature also offered combo vacations, not sure if they still do.

Thanks for the help, I’ll pass it along