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Spring break & teenagers

has anyone heard anything about 'spring break 09;? we may be going to puerto plata in march or april, but ive read horror stories of large groups of uncontrollable kids invading resorts around that time of year, and we’d like to avoid that like the plague!

If you want to avoid that like the plague, you’d better avoid Puerto Plata in March. We got out just in time this past winter during the first week of March. We know that more than 500 “normal” guests had to be transferred to other resorts when the staff at the Bahia Principe San Juan did nothing to control the more than 900 Canadian teens who embarassed our country when they brought their childish behaviour to the DR. Your best bet is to book an “adult only” resort and hope for the best if you go in March.

I don’t think you have to avoid all of Puerto Plata, just Bahia Principe San Juan, where all the trouble was last year. My husband works for the school board in Ottawa, Ontario, and we always take our March vacation during March break and we never had any problems. It all depends on the resort. You can have the same thing happening in Punta Cana if the hotel accepts kids under 18 without supervision.

I have to agree with Diana - Bahia Principe San Juan is over 1-1/2 hours by bus from Puerto Plata!

Most of the hotels in the Playa Dorada would not have those problems as they are “family” hotels… Not sure about the Riu chain which is on the opposite side of POP - near Ocean World.

i dont even know when march break is exactly! do you think we’d be safe at the barcelo puerto plata, or one of the ones in playa dorada? i always hear about gran bahia principe being the spring break place!! i feel sorry for the employees! i’d like to know who are these parents that are sending their underage kids away on vacation unsupervised like that? don’t they know they’re going to likely act like idiots once they’ve had a few drinks?

I know that a few years ago we were at Breezes & didn’t fly out until the first Sunday of March break, I was soooo glad to leave the students that were there were rude, ignorant & drunk. We even watched one of them puke at the lobby bar, many of them were smoking & dropping their butts & empty cups in the pool. I wouldn’t go anywhere near March break even if the trip was free. Sorry to say but this put a really bad taste in my mouth for the whole student/March break thing.

Coronita… :o :o :o - wish there was one rolling on the floor laughing… NOT at you but, at the parents who send their little darlings on these trips. They ALL think the darlings will be perfect angels and, some of them will, BUT, a lot give into peer pressure!

To check when March Break is, if you have a tour book, look at the one week rate… the week that jumps in price and drops the next week is March Break. That having been said, different areas of Canada and the US have different dates.

The colleges & universities have a different schedule again… We go to the Gran Ventana and they do not seem to encounter this problem. Maybe because it is not large and, does not have a casino or disco on site…

March break in the maritimes (eastern canada) STARTS MARCH 13

Call the resort and find out if they allow anyone under 21 to register. Does anyone have a list of resorts that allow spring break to over run their palce of business? JJ

Ontario and Nova Scotia have the same break historically
not sure about this year. Only had one group of Ontario teens about 6or 7 years ago at Gran Ventana who got the bartender
fired at the Beata bar. They harrased him to stay open throwing money at him and he caved under the pressure. The bar was later broken into that night, I wonder who!!
He never returned to his job.

I think we were there also. I have been travelling during school breaks since my firt trip in 1986 and have never seen anything like Breezes that day. I actually saw a group of these “Breakers” take a wheelchair that was left outside one of the restaraunts and leave a person in need with no idea where it went while they took turns riding around untill someone relived them of it and returned. There seemed to be some supervision but it was the most out of controll group I have ever seen.
Hopefully it was noted by management and they will not allow that to go on in future.

I think if you stick to the higher priced resorts you won’t find the “breakers” because they just can’t afford them. When you see a really great deal for a resort in late February, mid March or late April you are sure to get a resort full of students.

About that Breezes event, I think I was there too. One night a guy was going down the pathway by the lobby bar and fell face first into the rock garden and was just going to stay there. A security guard came over and asked a couple of guys at the bar to help him and they dragged him over to the couches in the lobby. The security guard casually walked over to the reception desk and came back with a garbage can, laid it on the floor and pulled the guys head over the side of the couch. At the time I thought he has done this before.


Check this site out - gives the dates for the various provinces across the country. When we travel in late March from MB, we always run into American grad trips as well. Seems their week varies by state, the same as us.