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Spunky is on board as a Debbie's moderator

It is a great pleasure to be able to announce that Spunky has agreed to moderate the “Under the Palapa” board.

First signs indicate that this board is going to be very popular…
let’s have fun!

Awesome news for all of us! ;D Thanks.

Congrats, Spunky. :smiley:

Finally ;D

I hope he is good at herding cats! :wink:

Quick! Hide the rum bushes!

all hail the Spunkmeister! ;D

Congratulations Spunky!

I’ll try really hard to behave myself. ;D

Congrats Spunky!! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Welcome on board, Spunky :slight_smile: You are a great asset to Debbie’s and I know you’ll continue to be so in your new role.

You guys are too much! And that’s what this place needs.
Thanks for the good wishes and let’s have some fun.

Will Santiago be tolerated???

Geez, I sure hope so!

Madrugada without Santiago would be like peanut butter without jam ;D

All Santiago Rums will be evaluated and discussed. LOL
Go for it.

Spunky, if you have problems with the cats we can start a TNR. ;D
Thanks for taking on the role of MOD.