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St.Martin or Anguilla-Which is better for a romantic getaway

Hey all,

I’ve been reading through many posts here looking for travel info related to the Caribbean for the past couple of days. So thought I’d join in and ask what I wanted to know.

We’ve been planning a getaway for over a year now. Finally, it has all nearly come together in terms of budget and time. We are down to choosing between St. Martins and Anguilla in the Caribbean. We’ve searched enough online about both the places, but are still divided between these two. The vacation is for a little over 2 weeks. So not sure if moving around between places would be nice as we are looking for some time to ourselves. Maybe some activities and adventures that we can both engage in. The choices for stay is also important. Looking for something near the beach but that also affords some seclusion. Basically something like this- http://maccaribbeanvillas.com/upload/villa/3609_152_0001.jpg . Any ideas from those who’ve been to these places with suggestions on what to do there would be great. Thanks. :slight_smile:

FWIW, it’s a tough choice. Anguilla has some of the best beaches in the world, far superior to Cuba.

We liked St. Martin because you have two cultures and great croissants on the French side. I swam on the beach at Philipsburg for a short time and got out as the undertow was quite strong. I think it was just that beach that was the problem. I wanted to go to Orient Beach but my wife refused to go (she’s not into nude beaches). St. Martin is more commercialized IMHO but great bargains on gold jewellery.