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Stargazing at Jibacoa

I’m an amateur astronomer who is going down to Cameleon Villas Jibacoa for two weeks in mid January and am looking forward to my first views of the Southern night skies. But should I lower my expectations? Views of the night sky can be affected by unfortunate human-made situations (such as glare from outdoor lighting) or natural causes (such as fog coming in off the ocean).

I am thinking of bringing my large astronomical binoculars, but both the binos and the tripod are rather heavy, and they wouldn’t be all that useful if nights are always dewey. Is there much dew at night at Jibacoa?


We were in Holguin last January and were amazed at the amount of stars in the sky. January is not a time for high humidity and we never noticed a haze or foggy condition. We sat out every night on our balcony and just stargazed. Have fun!

We’ve been to Jibacoa (Breezes next door to CVJ) 3 times, twice in March / April, and once in mid-Jan. I don’t remember there being dew at night, but then we weren’t walking on the grass, so may not have noticed. ???

Apart from the resort lights, there aren’t really any others around since there are no towns nearby. You could go down to the beach or out on to the road to escape the resort lights if you need to.

I remember that clouds would often roll in during the evening, but there were usually still clear patches of sky. I don’t believe we ever had fog. I think your chances for star-gazing are good! :slight_smile:

Stargazing at Jibacoa has always been excellent when we visit in early Dec.

It’s ever better at the Cameleon because the resort is spread out and uses fewer lights. Watch the walkways though as some were in rough shape!

We always bring the star charts- both hard copies and downloaded on our PDA.

Best area for stargazing is on the beach between the lobby/beach bar and the swimming pool or in the area near the stream which divides the Breezes from the Cameleon.

Don’t forget to take a towel to lay on the lounger as there is some dew. Suggest you wear long pants and spray your ankles with insect repellent as the mozzies are pretty hungry and you’ll be the only meal ticket around.

Well, that sounds very promising.

I somewhat begrudge the weight of my astronomy gear - big binos, a tripod and sky charts would probably add up to about 1/5 of my weight allowance, but I would probably regret it more if I left my stuff behind.


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