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Steve's bar

Hi all live from Steve’s bar!!! I am with Mike and Mike and both have bought me many ice cold Presidente’s. Wud eat your heart out…and all respects says the Eden dude LOL!!Just gave MikeFisher a sports bag and another 4 bags full of donations for the orphans. Weather has been mid 80’s and gorgeous.

Sounds like fun…

Great you brought all that for the Kids, job well done.

Take some photos pls ;D

Keep MikeFisher on the Presidente lites.

thanks for thinking about the kid’s…enjoy those amigo’s they are both great guys.
They put many others ahead of themselves.

I will if the 2 Mikes stop buying me all these beers!

Brian, did I mention I hate you. ;D Kidding!

Glad you’re having fun and making a difference. Tell the Mike’s I’ll see them next Wednesday, and make a little room in the trunk for our stuff.

Jay, Mike says hi, and sorry but am spending all my money on Brian’s Presidente’s

Damn…another CUba Libre…what a bad infuence Brian is… i Sjould go hone!


hey…just got off the phone a little while a go with my big brother…and the fisherman…you guys sounded LIT lol!!

Glad you are all having fun… have a curry sausage…YUM

oh oh. brian…did you type that message from Mike…or are you getting my big brother tipsy??

tell him not to forget to pick up carmen!! hahaaha or she’ll KIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLL him.

No Mike typed that LOL…I am still semi sober LOL

I’m drunk/…i tink


SURE. you guys sounded REALLY sober when I was on the phone a while ago :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

MIKE!! haha. You bad boy. I have visions of you and greg a few weeks ago…pounding on the door of the room…Lynn,open up…we gotta PEE…

lol. both of you with big silly grins on your faces.
Ahh…I feel a repeat coming on in less than five weeks!!

CARMEN NEEDS TO BE PICKED UP!!! don’t forget her!! hahahaha

Carmen gets picked up at 7:30 and dam its only 6:30…time for anothe round

bad boys.

wish I was there…darn.

This stuff is classic! ;D

Wish I had the phone number from the bar LOL

Hey…remind Mike, the " men’s " palm tree is on the right… don’t be using the one on the left!!!

Tettas gande cervesa frio!!!

He is lying…I ma not drunk…yet!


Now I know my Spanish is a little rusty…

Cervesa frio is COLD BEER, but what the heck is Tettas gande?