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Still waiting to see 2007 deals


anyone recieve any info yet from any of the suppliers on special promo’s for 2007?
last year at this time i was getting my books in the mail every day???
brian :slight_smile:


Hi brianwade,

I hear some of the brochures are out now, but haven’t had a chance to pick them up yet. The AirTransat brochure is not available yet, but my travel agent tells me they are having a “Fall Promo Offer” beginning in August. Whatever that means ???
I’m booking within the next 2 wks for our Xmas trip :sunglasses: to the Alllegro Playa Dorada Resort - the Xmas spaces are very limited here in NS ::slight_smile: especially for 2 wk trips, so I always book early.


Sunquest preview book has been out for about a month now. Lots of the dates are already sold out.


actually i talked to my travel agent yesterday, she told me honestly to wait till mid end august… as i was seriously thinkn about bookn with air canada as they havnt added 100 dollar surcharge yet, but she believes there will be some deals in a month, so i will take my chances as im not goin till Jan/Feb 07


My travel agent called me yesterday as well. She wanted to let me know that Air Transat just informed them that they would be flying from our city to Punta Cana this winter. It seems they are always the last ones to make up their minds on departures and destinations. She figures their book and also World of Vacations (Nolitours) should be out by the middle of August (hopefully sooner) with early booking bonuses.

Sunwing and Signature had announced their destinations from our city a month ago if not longer???


The wait and see game is so frustrating. We went ahead and booked our two week March vacation because we firmly knew we wanted to return to Bahia Diamond club but now we are waiting to see what happens in deals for the week before Christmas —we want to be home by the 23rd of December so we are hoping on some sort of deal.

I’m never relaxed until these holidays are booked —running through my mind is what if they all sell out!


KenandPaul…I do the same thing! I worry like crazy thinking that if I don’t book now it will be sold out. I, too, am going for 2 weeks next March and have yet to book. It drives me crazy. In the past I have booked in August and September and for some reason this year I just can’t seem to wait that long. If I can just make it until the books come out then I’ll have the info I need to book right after.

This dr addict needs a dr fix!!!


Air Canada Vacations, Signature have full brochures out, Sunquest has the preview book out. Transat and Nolitours are to follow by end of Aug as per usual. In my research, ACV has the best deals. They are going to be competitive this year as they lost $$$ big time last year with the re-vamp of their reservations system (Aug to Dec 2005), hence they wanna recoup and are offering better deals now (rather than sell their seats end of season for nothing). If you see a great deal with ACV jump on it now, taxes are less and you cant go wrong with the extra luggage, free seat selection and such. Go for it.


I will be booking my 2007 trips with ACV by July 30. That is when they will start levying their $100 fuel surcharge (which the other operators have already started charging). My price quoted for January of 2007 is a smidge better than the price I was quoted for January 2006. I like that!

Kaki :smiley: