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Is Stillgotit OK? Have not seen a post from him for quite awhile.


Yeah, he’s fine. Just a little under the weather. He should be back in a few days.


I was in contact with him earlier today. He is taking time off with his family and new
grand-baby. Little Daniel is the apple of his eye and he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss any of the early growing stages.


I was in touch the other day too and onmyway is right. These little darlings grow up so fast, and he is sooo proud of him. Life’s too short to miss these wonderful opportunities.

The weather here is absolutely glorious and I am sure stillgotit is sitting outside bouncing little Daniel on his knees.

Hey, talking about that, what the heck am I doing sitting inside when I could be doing the same (sitting outside I mean). Will check back next time it rains :sunglasses: 8-), or maybe sooner, briefly. ;D