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I received a message from his daughter this morning. He is ill and will be off the board for a few days.

Let’s all keep him in our prayers

Hold a true friend with both your hands


May you be back with us soon…
until then,
you are in our hearts…
always Aloof3…


How nice that his daughter took the time to let you know. We will keep Stillgotit in our thoughts and prayers and hope to see him back here soon. :slight_smile:



i was wondering where he was, lets hope is is better soon…


It’s so sad when one of our own is taken down. :-[

Wishing you lots of strength, healing and peace, our friend Still. Come back soon.



Aww, hope it’s not as serious as last time. Hang in there Still and thanks for letting us know. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Speedy recovery my friend!


I hope your back soon Stillgotit. You have helped me a few times in this forum and I hope your better soon.
Take Care,
Cin :frowning:


Best wishes. Keep positive.
(Sweet Dreams of Agnetha…)


Was wondering where he was,always good for a laugh…Prayers for a speedy recovery…Hurry back… :’(


Stillgotit: Stop messing around with the nurses, and get the heck home. We miss you!!! I wonder if any of the nurses look like Agnetha–or Suzie.

It’s probably that his Bills–lost again- that got him down. :smiley:

Love ya, Aloof (i forget my number)


I’ve just found out! so sorry to hear that you are not well! Hope you make a speedy recovery, lot’s of luv Caroline x :o


I’m sending you best wishes too. Here’s to a speedy recovery!


We’re rooting for ya, buddy. :-*


I received an email from his daughter this morning. He will be coming home from the hospital later today. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and concern.


Ray, Thanks for the update and letting us know.

Stillgotit, hope to see you here on the boards soon. Sure have missed your humour. Take care and let us know ASAP how you are.


Stillgotit, get well soon and speedy recovery wishes are headed your way.

all the best,



Hopefully you are feeling much better and it was nothing too serious!

You are in my thoughts!

Get better quickly…we need the laughs!



:o :’(.

I SINCERELY hope that Stillgotit gets better soon and came come back to us.

Best wishes for a SPEEDY recover SOON, Stillgotit!!!



Hey, you cant go away without letting us know what you are going to name the dog!

Best wishes, and get well soon!



Thoughts and and heartfelt prayers from Upstate NY.
Always love your input, so get well and we look forward to your return…

Joe & Karen