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Stuck in PC

Left 11 hours ago from Toronto and stuck in PC we tried but couldn’t land in PP due to no visibility. Went to PC for half hour and tried again. By the time we got there the airport was closed. We went back to PC where we still are waiting. I’ve never seen this before coming in.

Just heard we are staying. They are going to try to find rooms here somewhere. No luggage though.

Just heard we are staying. They are going to try to find rooms here somewhere. No luggage though.

wow how bizarre, what is the problem with landing in pop? hope they put you up somewhere nice…just remember at least you don’t have to look at snow…lol good luck

At first it was no visibility. He got the plane down to 300 ft and could not see well enough so we went to PC then tried later and same thing. Now it is a flooded runway. There are people here trying to get home and their plane is in PP so they are going to give them our plane. The problem is there is about 8-10 planes diverted here. I doubt they will find rooms for over 2000 peole. And they say we may have to cover the cost and try to recover it later. As usual people are getting upset and there is little comunication. The beer is cold,but they better not run out or there will be trouble. I ve spent $100 so far

Current POP weather isn’t looking very good right now:

Puerto Plata, DR (Airport)
Updated: 54 min 3 sec ago
22 °C
Heavy Rain
Humidity: 94%
Dew Point: 21 °C
Wind: Calm
Pressure: 1018 hPa (Rising)
Visibility: 1.0 kilometers
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Mostly Cloudy 487 m
Overcast 2133 m
(Above Ground Level)

good luck

On the bus going to sirenus{sp}no luggage though

keep us update, keep the faith

OMG, I wish you all the best:)

I was talking to a friend that lives in PP who said that the rain there has been crazy ever since last night…hopefully the conditions will get better soon.

Oh yeah, I stayed at Sirenis in April and loved it…it`s a great resort.It sucks not to have your luggage but I say make the best of it and start your vacation:)

Where is your luggage? Still on the plane on the ground at the airport? I guess it was too much trouble to unload the luggage and reload them back on the plane when they’re ready to send you back to POP. What a mess!

We are in our room at sirenus. Skyservice and Nolitours were grea( considering. Straight through customs onto a bus and to the resort. Staff were waiting for all of us {entire plane} checked in within 10 minutes. Buffet still open for us. Leave here at 3.45 am to go back to airport where we get back on our plane that still has our. Luggage.
What a day

oh no we leave tomorrow i hope that does not happen to us. Is it still raining?

Its 5 am and we are on our way to PC airport. Hoping to get out to PP by 7am. Don’t know anything more. What a travel day.

I guess this incident goes to show why it’s a good idea to have at least one change of clothes in your carry-on. Greggy, did they allow you to remove your carry-on from the aircraft?
By the way, it is still raining in Puerto Plata with showers expected all day. However, things brighten up on Saturday.

Wow …still looks pretty nasty in POP

Starting to wonder why only skyservice. Planes are here. They are not saying much only that pp is closed. Still hoping to get there today. There are 4 planes of angry people and no tour reps or skyservice reps around

according to the GTAA website for today Skyservices is delayed and Air Transat has already left Toronto for Puerto Plata…hmmmmm sure makes you wonder.

Oh Greg, this is awful. Hope you and the group get to POP soon.
Hang in there!