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SUJ's Barcelo review

Just finished reading your review and I must say…very well done ;). It sounds like a wonderful spot and we are going to love it there…if we don’t have to share a room that is ;D ;). The Bahia is huge as well, and we had no problems with the size, so I’m sure we’ll feel right at home at the Barcelo. Thanks for the great review, you covered so much, it was …“gooder” to read, very informative.

Jake, eh

:slight_smile: Not bad, Jake. Didn’t take you longer than a week to find it! :wink:

While I was writing my review I kept in mind that, to you, size doesn’t matter. :smiley:

It didn’t matter too much to us but I still like smaller resorts for various reasons.

I, too, think you will love this resort and you just may become a Barcelo nut. :-X :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to read my review and your compliments. If there is anything else you would like to know, just let me know. I’ll try to help. :-*

OMG, I was so busy writing my own review that I completely missed the great review submitted by SUJ.

If it weren’t for the size of the Barcelo complex, we’d definitely consider this resort. What do you think SUJ, is it a resort we should put on our short list? Does the place “feel” huge?

btw, I’d never heard of the tour operator you mention in your review. Are they part of Westjet Vacations?

shirleyujest, I found it the other day, just didn’t sober up long enough to read “all” of it until yesterday ;)…well that plus “I…are…a…slow…reader” :P, or maybe you type too fast.
You’re right about size not mattering to me, I’ve been off work since Oct 8th and gotten so big now that I have to use my sons skate board to drag my shadow around, and I mean down hill too ;D.
The resort sounds great, but I also know what you are saying about the “smaller more personable” resorts. The larger ones seem to be able to swallow our group up, so we don’t appear to be taking over all the bars at once 8-)…but maybe next year “IF” we head to Jamaica with Floyd & the Missus for their 20th anniversary, we’ll try something a wee bit smaller.
Lots to think about between now and then, better get this vacation over with before I start working on the next one. After all, everyone who knows Jake, knows “something” has to happen to him, or it just wouldn’t be a vacation :-[.

Jake, eh

Excellent review SUJ.
This is the resort that my daughter and her hubby like.
They love the " lots to see and do in the resort feel "
They also raved about the food as well.
My babe and I do love the smaller resorts
It sounds like your kids loved their first AI experiance
and kudos to you SUJ for taking them.

BTW , can you adopt us for a week too LOL ?

HEY verycoldcanadian, you’d better take a number for the adoption idea, and the line starts behind Jake ;D ;). After all, I am just a big kid and so close to being toilet trained now, I am so proud of myself :D. Don’t worry SUJ, I know I can do gooder than a 16 month old…(well fingers crossed I can), no guarantees after the Tequila starts to pour :P.

Jake, eh

SUJ, great review lots of info I do have one question how did you find the shopping on the resort for prices variety or for just something to do for fun? Sorry to hear the bugs were bad for mini golf I had read that comment before, we were planning a fun tournament (bragging rights for the winner) for the 10 of us so hope we do not have the same problem but in April it will probably be worse. I always like the large resorts because I like to go for an early morning walk. Did you see much bird and wildlife around the resort? Do they have a shuttle into PDC or did you take the collectivo? lots of questions I know…

Hey Floyd & the Missus, if you think I’m going all the way to Mexico to play in this tournament just for “bragging rights”…we’d better talk. My putter and I don’t just play anywhere anytime you know. If I’m pulling this puppy out of the bag, it’s for a darn good reason. My understanding was that the loosers bought the drinks. I know it’s an AI resort, but we’ll work something out :D. I know, maybe the loosers buy the next meal ;D.

Jake, eh

:slight_smile: Thanks, guys, for taking the time to read my review. I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can.

Westjestvacations is fairly new, I think, and they just opened up Cancun as one of their destinations. Thus the fabulous deal we got on this resort. It truly is a 4+*.

It is a large resort compared to what we have experienced. Having said that, though, we always seemed to run into the same people all the time. We only lost our sense of direction once and that was fairly late at night :wink: and the Tropical / Colonial sections look almost identical. :wink: Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :smiley:

We didn’t see too much signage to help us out anywhere at this resort. ???

We never did get to take the trolley around the resort as it was never on my time schedule. They always missed me by a minute or two. :wink:

We took the collective to PDC and as we were walking up the resort driveway to the highway to catch the collectivo, one came by and stopped. He called down to us to see if we were trying to catch the bus. Nice of him to stop and wait, even though we weren’t at the bus stop, which is right at the top of the driveway at the highway.

We didn’t really see any really large groups taking over any space at this resort. However, a “larger” group could easily take over the Tequila Bar, which is the “lobby bar” at the Tropical side.

We only saw one wedding on the beach. No comment on that one. :-X I’m trying to be nice :wink: as it’s one of my New Year’s resolutions and I’m practising already.

I’m reminiscing about the bars and where they are located and really none of them really were “the” place. We did, however, enjoy our meals at the lunch buffets down by the beach. One was the Palmeras and one was the Mariachi. Open air, good selection of food (enough to satisfy) and just a great place to enjoy a meal, a cappucino, a kahlua, a tequila, a cervesa, etc., etc.

I think we may have enjoyed the bar at the Palenque Theatre as it was open air but the evenings were kind of chilly and breezy so we didn’t hang out there, but we were there every night for the show. The theatre is huge.

We should have gone into the Havana Lounge as it looked like it had a nice ambiance and there was also a small outside deck overlooking the water feature all around this resort. I hope those who are going to this ‘SHINY NEW RESORT’ in a few short months will check it out for me and give me a report. :wink:

There was lots of shopping on site and lots of variety. I heard from someone you could barter with the shop-keepers. There are also lots of little vendor carts set up with local trinkets and arts & crafts to buy.

The liquor is VERY expensive to buy in the resort shops.

We saw lots of birds, but not too many different varieties. And we saw quite a few iguanas lounging about - in various parts of the resort. We saw more at the mini-golf area than anywhere else on the resort. I think there are always bugs at the mini-golf course as it’s quite jungly and there is lots of standing water.

The pitch and putt golf course is a bit weird in that there is one tee box and three holes you tee off to. There is a sign that says “keep off the grass” and we weren’t really sure what that meant. I guess you could only have hole in ones. ???

Although I was a little apprehensive about going to such a large resort, it really wasn’t that bad. Beau pointed out that a larger resort has more to offer in the way of activities. I almost believed him. :wink: There are things to do but the problem I found when looking at the daily activities such as archery and riflery is that they didn’t really tell you WHERE this was going to happen.

Oh, and the pool tables close at 5 but they don’t tell you that, even if you are sitting and waiting for a table for 45 minutes until the folks playing are done and they put on the covers. >:(

Oh, and the Jaguar Disco - the most beautiful waitress in the world came to us with a couple of filled shot glasses (we hadn’t ordered them). She just thought we should try them. She covered the top of them with a napkin and her hand, banged the full glass on the counter, took her hand off the glass (it was a bit “fizzy”) and we “shot” it. It was called a “Tequila Bomb” - very nice! So she proceeded to “buy” us a few more rounds. We just couldn’t say no. :smiley:

Hope some of this helps! :-*

Amazing SUJ, I feel like I’ve already been there a couple of days ;D. We will certainly be checking out the Havana Lounge and getting back to you with an update.

These “Tequila Bombs” sound interesting, and if the waitress is a looker…BONUS ;D.

Pool tables closing at 5 might be a problem, unless you meant 5 AM.

Archery and riflery might not be the best things for us to be trying out, as I always end up being the catcher for our team :o.

This really does sound like a beautiful spot, friends of ours had their daughter get married there, they still go on about how nice it was.

Good luck with that New Year’s resolution…couldn’t you have started out with something simple, like world peace… :smiley: ;).

With all the information you have provided, we will certainly be having a very informative group meeting early in 2009.

Thanks once again for all you help…very much appreciated ;).

Jake, eh :wink: :-*

Tequila bombs sound like fun.
Altho , I think that Jake might be more the " strafing run " kind of guy.
I think some " rum bombs " are in order up here , it is minus 25 cel.
I need some beach time bad !

Put me in coach, Jake will try anything once and twice for the first time too if he likes it ;D ;).

Jake, eh