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Sun Village Resort and Spa, Puerto Plata

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the Sun Village Hotel?

Im going in December for the 1st time from the UK and i am looking forward to it.

Wanted to know a few things really…

Is there anywhere outside the resort to go, and is it safe?

A friend said that there is a place you can to jumo off a waterfall, is that close to where were staying?

If anyone could pass on any info for this hotel would be great

Nicola :-*

There are 36 reviews in our reviews section. Most good, but …

But what?

Where is the review section please? I dont seem to be able to find it…

There’s a link to Debbie’s main site on our main page. From there you can link to the reviews at http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/travel2.html

And the but part is most are good, but ‘not everyone likes it’.

Thanks i found it, yeh i get what you mean. Not everyone is the same though and im not that fussy to be honest so fingers crossed i like it… :slight_smile:

Do you know whether you can go off the resort if so is there anything around? :=)

Sure, you can go off resort. Get out and meet the people. You can go to Cofresi, Costambar, Puerto Plata (try the cable car), you might tie in a visit to the plaza in Playa Dorada, Sosua and Cabarete (getting to be a bit of a hike, but easily possible).
Last year we did a day trip with Martin Espinal (Isaira Tours) and I recommend him highly. We had lunch on the beach in Costambar and it was ‘rustic’ to say the least, but no-one got sick. We could have spent a lot longer there, but didn’t have the time. Ditto, the botanical gardens at the top of the mountain (cable car). There are photos and a slide show with sound (if you have high speed internet) on my website. www.bobfromcanada.com

Thats great Bob thanks, i thought once there you could not leave the resort. I have been on AI before and you are secluded as there is nothing around and sometimes unsafe to go off the complex…

It’s likely as safe as or safer than your home town. Just exercise the normal precautions (no expensive jewelery, don’t flash your cash, avoid dark deserted alleys, etc) and don’t go into ‘silly mode’ just because you are on vacation. I’d give Martin a call and he can customize a tour to your wants.

Ahhh thats great thanks, good to know i thought that i would have to stay on the resort for the whole 2 weeks. Like to have a little look round, its my friends 30th whilst were there and i want to book a day trip. Think i might either book the catamaran or the paradise island trip. You been on either?

It’s been years since I did any. Paradise Island is about a two hour trip. We see the people coming off the catamaran trips in Playa Dorada and notice a lot of happy faces. You might also look into Outback Safari.

just to add from our experience outback safari is ok at best but the bavaro runners was alot better and alot of fun they are similar in meeting some of the people in country side how they live,schools etc but again i would recommend bavaro runners.

ocean world is a great excursion if you like dolphins exp. or sharks etc. we enjoyed it alot. they even have a snorkel tank which was cool for a rookie snorkler like me lol.