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Sunbeach Hotel...anyone been?

We are looking at this hotel for April.Has anyone been here recently & what did you think? We are not fussy travellers & just need the basics!! What bars/clubs are close by? We stayed at Palma Real last year & loved the location.Any help is appreciated.



We stayed at Sunbeach last year. It was fine. It was our first trip to Cuba and had nothing to compare to…BUT we were pleasantly surprised. The staff were great at the coffee bar, resturant and our maid was great too. There was one front desk person who wasn’t very pleasant, but that was about it. The food was plentiful and from what I’ve read compared to other resorts was about the same; nothing fancy, but you’d never go hungry. The beach was AMAZING; you had to cross the street but it was about a 3 minute walk, so no big deal and it was beautiful. The shows at night were always entertaining. We are actually going in two weeks and are staying at the Palma Real this time; so I’ll be interested to see what you have to say about it! I’ve read alot of good things about Palma Real, so we are looking forward to it. On Debbie’s site under hotel reviews I submited a more detailed one last year about Sunbeach; you could search it out and see what else I have to say, cause I can’t really remember, but I would recommend it; the only reason we aren’t staying there this time is that we thought we’d try somewhere different; just to see …


You will not be disappointed with the Palma Real!!We had a great time there…staff friendly,food great(and have stayed at 4 stars) & people of all ages to meet!! The Calle 62 is a great spot at night…just around the corner…live music & street dancing.Would go back if price was right.Check out the pool restaurant around 2pm as they have late lunch menu & the best potatoe salad & grilled chicken!!! A lot of people don’t know about this.It’s at the 24 hour snack bar…can’t remember the name.The decor is not fancy & could use a coat of paint,but hey,you are on vacation.Thanks for your info on Sunbeach…think this is where we’ll head.

Try, try, TRY to get a room in the North Tower. Freedom will tell you just how cold the water was in the showers in the South Tower and the rooms were much nicer.

Not sure if we were in North or South Tower; the rooms had balcony’s which I don’t think one tower did; the tower closer to the street is that the South Tower? Anyway, the tower we were in was fine; tonnes of hot water, very nice room (of course after we switched from the gross room!!)

Have fun and thanks for the info on Palma Real…

As soon as we arrived to out room I tired to have a shower and the water was absolutely freezing cold. We went to the desk and asked for a room change and were given one.

The rest of the group that arrived at the resort with us stayed in their rooms all week and were lucky to get luke warm water.

We moved to the tower with no balconies but the rooms were much nicer and larger. There was hot water all week no matter what time of the day i got back in the shower.

I had a blast at the resort. It was really good value for our money and I would go back there again. The rooms were kept very clean and so was the rest of the resort.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

Thanks for all the info!! Much appreciated…especially about trying to get booked into the North Tower!!