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Sunquest checkin time change

Just picked up our e-tickets this morning…and our TA told us that as of December 1st, Sunquest has changed their policy with regards to checkin time.

As of December 1st, you have to be checked in NO LATER than 60 MINUTES before the flight time. They WILL NOT except anyone after that time, NO EXCEPTIONS. This is written right on our documents we got this morning.

They use to be 45 mins.

Also, I asked about prebooked seats if that still applies, and was told regardless if seats are prebooked or not, this is the new policy, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Just a heads up for everyone…just in case their TA doesn’t know, or doesn’t inform them of this.

I was already under the impression that 1hr was the norm across all carriers … why anyone would want to cut it that close anyways … sometimes it takes you at least 1 hr in the line up just to check in.

Your like me, earlier is better…but my TA was very specific, in letting me know, that even if your in the line, and the 60 minute limit has rung in, thats it, nobody else gets checked in.

I know a few of my ‘friends’ who are of this type…why do I have to be there so early, there is never a line… well just the one time you do cut it close…guess what…that is the time there will be a line up :slight_smile:

In October, I had a few drinks with a guy from New York at the Catalonia. He showed me his American Airlines ticket and asked how long should he be there before flight,

I told him 3 hours. His bus was ready to leave in a few minutes.

He decided to have a couple of more bloody mary’s with me and I saw him get on a bus about 2 hours before flight time.

The next morning at 9:30 am there he was sitting at the bar, unchanged, unshaven and having a bloody mary, bus had a flat tire, he got to airport 45 minutes before departure by cab and was not allowed to board.

So if your airlines says 3 hours then 3 hours it should be.

I know I said this on another thread but there is a show on cable (I think AE) called airlines. It is a horror show of just this kind of thing. I shudder at waiting all this time for a vacation and then being stingy on waiting a few hours

i would find it too stressful to cut it so close! i always get there 3 hours b4, by the time you wait in line, go through customs, buy a magazine, browse at duty free, its time to board. it always goes fast. why start your vacation so stressed out?