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Sunquest from Atlantic Canada


Has any one seen a Sunquest Brochure for departure from Atlantic Canada? Been checking out their website but nothing there. They have brochures for the rest of Canada just not us. I thought they said one would be out by Sept. Doesn’t look to good to me if they can’t be bothered to do a brochure for this region. Do they want our business or not?


I just went into their web site and over 33 vacation packages are offered from Halifax to the DR :sunglasses:


That’s my point! I know they offer packages out of Halifax but they didn’t bother to do a brochure showing these packages. They did for the rest of Canada just not for us. It’s kind of frustrating. I like to have a brochure to look through to see what’s offered at each resort.


Sorry I misunderstood you when you stated that you " have been checking out their website but nothing there" I thought you meant that there was no departures from Atlantic Canada with Sunquest. My mistake :sunglasses:



Just use the Ontario brochure - the amenities and facilities are the same.

Pricing is discounted so much that the prices are useless except for comparative purposes anyway.



Well any of the agencies I’ve gone into here don’t even have the Ontario Brochures. Sunquest didn’t send them any. Go figure! I’ve downloaded it on the computer but like to have the inhand copy to look through. Just being picky here I guess.


Send me a PM with your email address, and I will send you a copy of the Sunquest catalogue.


If you decide to purchase a Sunquest Vacation, consider checking at some of the discount on line sellers as their Sunquest package prices are much lower than on the actual Sunquest site:

www.belairtravel.com (I didn’t insert this as a direct link but it came up that way.)

They are actually a subsidiary of Sunquest but their prices for the same vacations are much lower. If you don’t like to book on-line, you still have the option of personal contact with a BelAir agent by phone.