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SUNQUEST in Montreal?


I may be wrong… but if someone could clarify things for me, I would appreciate it.

As I was browsing selloffvacations, yourtraveltickets… etc… today, I noticed a bunch of pretty cheap packages to Punta Cana (and Cancun) offered by Sunquest out of Montreal. I did not know that Sunquest services Montreal… Anybody know when this came in effect?

And I heard they are not so great to travel with… Any comments?


Sunquest (MyTravel Canada) has serviced the Quebec market for a number of years under the Tours Maison brand name but this year decided to introduce the Vacances Sunquest brand name to that market.

Name change only.


Thanks for the clarification! Do you know which air supplier they use?


AFAIK the mostly use SkyService but have been known to use Air Transat in Quebec and elsewhere and CanJet in the Atlantic Provinces.


Hi marilouemard,

I have never had any troubles at all booking a Sunquest vacation. Sunwing on the other hand is a different story. You may possibly be getting the 2 confused. I have a story to tell about the latter, but because it isn’t DR related, I shall keep it off the board. Sunquest will be fine!

Sharon :sunglasses:


Thanks everybody! :slight_smile: