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Sunscreen for young children

Has anyone used the Banana Boat brand of sunscreen for young children? I’ve always used Ombrelle 30 SPF for my toddler, but it is expensive, and I saw the Banana Boat brand on special this week, so if the quality is similar, I wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks. But only if the quality is similar, because my son’s health is obviously priceless!


Can’t comment on the Banana Boat, but Costco does have the Ombrelle for a decent price. I can’t remember the $ but it was 2 or 3 bottles and seemed like a good price when I saw it.

I have used the banana boat for little ones but would never go less than a 45 or 50 spf, especially anywhere in the Caribbean etc.

I only used Banana Boat on my kids when they were little. It was the only one I never had problems with skin irriations, etc. but I never used anything below 45 or 50 spf on them.

:slight_smile: I bought some of the kid’s Banana Boat sunscreen for myself and loved it. Sometimes with other sunscreens I get little bumps and water blisters but I didn’t get that reaction using this one.

And it was so thick and creamy to use and stayed on much better than some of the other “waterproof” sunscreens.

I’ve also used their sensitive skin one their sport one. I like this brand. Oh, and I don’t use anything lower than 30 SPF. :-*

Thanks for the replies, looks like I will be taking advantage of this sale price, for him and for me!

When my son was a baby, I used Aveeno Baby 45 SPF. Last year, when he was 2 1/2, I started using 30 SPF and find it sufficient. As well, he always wears a hat (can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen babies and toddlers on the beach without a hat), we avoid being in the sun during peak hours, I reapply the sunscreen often during the day, and he wears a t-shirt when playing on the beach, so I am confident he is well protected! But just to be sure, I will double-check with his pediatrician.

Thanks again!

I have darkish skin and hardly ever burn. I was in Cuba, just returned, and burnt even with SPF 30 (and I had a good base tan from the tanning bed before I went!). I would strongly recommend 45 or 50 for your son. I used 45 for my nose and even it burnt the first day because I didn’t reapply frequently enough.

I’m not loyal to any one brand. Last year one of the newspapers reported that many of the sunscreens on the market are not broad spectrum enough for full protection - but I can’t remember which brands were better, I think it was the expensive ones.

I also rely on a sunsuit in the peak hours for my daughter, it covers the shoulders and back and I don’t have to worry about missing any spots.

Thanks for the advice! I’ve been to Cuba 18 times and have never burned (except my earlobes on my first trip!) even though I have fair skin, my son has been 5 times and has never had even a hint of a sunburn (and he’s almost 3 1/2). I will double-check with his pediatrician for the SPF factor, just to be sure.

Hi, for what it’s worth, my sister-in law is a dermatologist in the USA and she says Ombrelle is the best. Apparently can’t be purchased in the U.S. and she makes a special point of picking it up when she is in Canada.

Hi Anne, you may find the following website helpful. There is a place where you can locate specific info about sunscreens and their ingredients. It is shocking that some sunscreens can do more harm than good!


[quote=@shirleyujest] :slight_smile: I bought some of the kid’s Banana Boat sunscreen for myself and loved it. Sometimes with other sunscreens I get little bumps and water blisters but I didn’t get that reaction using this one.


I got that reaction last year using Banana boat!!

Last year we used coppertone for kids with the pump spray, spf 30. One application a day, really easy to apply and after a week in the sun and surf, they went home with just enough color to show they were south. I was quite impressed with it actually.

Sunscreen we use the blue no-add. One thing I won’t use is any Hawaiian tropic product I used some in Florida and I got burnt so bad I still have scares on my legs.