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We’re hitting the beach in April, but I’m worried about shade. DH had melanoma years ago and shade is a must. I HATE towel wars…so I’m thinkin about taking my own shade. Has anyone ever dragged an umbrella with them? How would I get it there…and I would leave it behind because I don’t wanna drag it back! Any ideas wise travellers??? Thanks in advance…Raine

We took one to Punta Cana a few years ago when we took our grandson, we were lucky and just put it in with his playpen…

How big is your suitcase, can one of the beach ones that comes in two pieces fit in there, corner to corner???

We have duffle bag style suitcases, with wheels. I’m gonna try to get the umbrella in it, just to see. I saw some that break down into four pieces online, but they aren’t available til late April. I might just wrap him in a towel and hit the sand…lol JUST KIDDING! :-*

walmart has the ones that clip on your chair. I bought two last year but a little too long for our suitcase (our aren’t the biggest size, they are one size down) anyway they are cheap and they are in the garden areas…should be in already as they have their patio furniture out.


I saw a beach umbrella with a really nice carry bag. Do you think I could carry it on the plane? If if doesn’t fit in my bag, and I check it, will I ever see it again, intact? I don’t worry about bringing it back, I’ll just leave it there. Cheers…Raine

You’re allowed two checked bags. It comes in a carry bag. Why not just make that one bag number 2? It will likely make the trip relatively intact …

I agree with Bob, check it as your 2nd bag it should be okay…