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Sunwing Airlines - end of free meals


I knew this would come…Too bad, because say as you will, that hot towel and glass of bubbly, as well as free wine with a free meal, was a Go To for Us…So sorry that Sunwing is finally biting the bullet…Now it’s going to become even worse trying to find the best, cheapie, flight to my sunny destination…Without those perks…Sad,":(:cry:


Prices go up as the incentives disappear.


People’s first priority in choosing an airline is price. Meals rank way down the list. Sunwing is simply gining us what we want.


Thanks for the heads up.



I agree it is very hard to understand what is exactly going to happen .
News letter says Oct 2016 all flights will now become BOB Bestro Menu .
But also says Buy on board Bestro Menu is for domestic and US flights and Carabean and south package flights will be Champagne Service .
I searched around everywhere .
My ticket for Nov . Says Bestro champagne service .
Can’t find anything that say Champange service is ending ,
only that BOB Menu start Oct on Domestic and US flights .
Only time will tell I guess .
Oh well , it will be what it it will be .

Johnny C