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Sunwing Airlines February 2017 Update

I know I caused a few bold responses last time I posted about changes to the on board services being offered by Sunwing Airlines, but I’m tough skinned :slight_smile:

Knowing beforehand that it was buy on board we expected that. What we didn’t know was the cuts to other services (small things but still cuts).

  1. No more hot towel after take off
  2. No free cookies/snacks offered during drink service (it’s really buy on board!)
  3. No chocolate mint prior to landing
  4. No free glass of wine with your meal

Flight down I bought the steak sandwich - was okay but not worth $8.99. My Aunt had the Mac and Cheese and said it was actually good. Way home I got the Turkey and Bacon wrap - definitely not worth $8.99.

They do offer a $2.00 savings if you buy an alcoholic drink and meal at the same time.

Just sharing for those getting ready to fly with them soon.


I haven’t flown Sunwing yet, but I’m thinking of it. It looks like it’s the same price regardless of which meal you order. Is that correct?

I brought a couple of ham and cheese sany buns from home , made to my liking , and a few chippy snacks and chocolates etc .
All is good .

Johnny C


Bringing own food is not a problem as well Tim Horton’s sells excellent bagels with cream cheese on our way from Canada to Caribbean :bread:

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Prices vary. They have noodle cups for $3 and ribs for something like $14. If you go to the flysunwing site they have the buy on board menu with prices.

Thanks, Bryan. I just had a look at that. Looks like there’s no shortage of starchy foods, which would probably be OK for me, but Mrs. CJ is an obligate carnivore, so she would probably have to have something like the steak sandwich, or the ribs.

The biggest problem that I experienced in Air Canada flight while they came to my seat to serve me they already run out of my choices :frowning:

will never fly with them ever one bad experience and no more

Every airline has there pros and cons of flying with them. I have flown many times with Sunwing, Air Cnada and WestJet. Never any major issues. If an issue comes up more than once on a particular matter, I will contact the airline. Most people complain and don’t bring it up to the carrier.

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Oh my no chocolate and no hot towel
My goodness :fearful:


Found the cabin crew really big into selling, wonder if there is commission being paid?

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I’ve always been pleased with Sunwing. Fortunately for us it’s just a 3.5 hour flight and all I’m expecting is to get there safely and they have done that. Two fairly long delays over the years (one may have been Transat but I’m not positive) but it happens. The frills don’t come without added cost and I don’t wish to pay for any of it if I have a choice. Their business model seems to be focused on keeping fares low and I’m OK with that.