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Sunwing and Carnival in a stupidity contest


Saw this on the news today:

For those not wanting to read it all, a Sunwing employee parked his van near a Sunwing jet to service it and forgot to put the put the gear into park. The van wandered onto the main runway at Pearson and almost ran into a jet landing from Edmonton.

Meanwhile, Carnival has it’s third ship in as many weeks lose power with a boat load of passengers:
“The company announced late Thursday night that the Carnival Legend, currently off the coast of Honduras, is unable to sail at its optimal speed because of a technical problem, forcing the ship to cut short passengers’ vacation.”


I am just hoping that all these problems with Carnival results in some lower prices or promotions with them.

I’ll still take my chances for the right price…call me crazy!


Hard to say how it will affect prices for next winter. People have a really short memory. Yup, I’d jump if the price is right, even on a Costa cruise. :o :o
For sure, you want a balcony cabin so you can pee overboard - or at least on the balcony below you. Oops, raining again? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:
… and take your rubber boots. :-X