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Sunwing cancelled our vacation!


6 Days notice, no compensation!
A very simple sorry, no explanation!
10 of us booked 3 months ago.
Very upset group.
Booked last minute last night.
Thank goodness.


Lulu…that is awful…where where you flying to and out of what airport…you only got your money back with no compensation…


Lulu so glad you rebooked… What’s up with Sunwing???


lulu that is terrible :’(
im glad we dont have a sunwing in the uk they sound like a nightmare firm >:(
hope you take it up with them when you get back :-*


We were flying out of London, Ontario to Puerto Plata.
Whole plane was full, some really upset folks!
Only explanation was that they cancelled the whole mid week program.
We were going to stay at Sun Village.
We booked last night to Punta Cana…Barcelo Punta Cana!
Going with Air Transat!


I was going to book with Sunwing from Thunder Bay to Puerto Plata January 17th, then all of a sudden there was no availability and I had assumed that the plane sold out. I’m sure glad that I always wait til the last possible moment to book my trips in the hopes of getting a good deal. We ended up booking with Signature Vacations and going out of Toronto now. Works out to be the same price as going out of Thunder Bay (as we have to fly from Thunder Bay to Toronto now). Oh well, after hearing your story I’m so glad I didn’t book with them. I hope you have a great vacation in Punta Cana.


Sunwing didn’t do a thing for us, either, when they cancelled a Tbay --> Puerto Plata flight/trip for us (actually my sis and sis-in-law) for February 21st.

I have made it a permanent mental-sticky to never, EVER book Sunwing again. No compensation, no “We’re sorry”, just “We have canceleld your vacation and would be happy to have your business in any future travel plans”. FAT CHANCE!!


Sorry to hear that lulu…same thing just happened to me last Tuesday…see post “our vacation cancelled” if you haven’t already. We rebooked out of Toronto and had our choice of airlines including Sunwing and chose AirTransat. Personally I’m boycotting Sunwing and didn’t choose them as I wouldn’t give them a nickel after what they have done in terms of service…or should I say a “lack of”…


We are not very familiar here in NS with Sunwing - ???
But I like their flight times and their pkgs. Now I’m seriously considering taking my business back to AirTransat…I’ve always used AirTransat before…they get me there & back and have never cancelled my trip on me.
I think I’ve just answered my own question… :slight_smile:


Some of my family and friends just booked with Sunwing out of Saint John this week to catch our wedding at the Majestic on April 4th, they are a group of 10 so far. This is some pretty worrying stuff.

If they cancelled a month or 2 in advance it would be bad enough but SIX DAYS?!??! THATS OUTRAGIOUS!!! I would be surprised if Sunwing is still in business in 5 years if they keep this up.


With service like that, I’d be surprised if they are still in business in 2 years let alone 5 years!